Knicks pick up the $14.2M option on Chauncey Billups, cementing plans for next year's first round playoff exit

I hate this team. You don’t have a center or a back-up PG or any depth whatsoever. So the best thing to do is lock up $14.2M and your remaining flexibility under the cap in a washed up PG who can’t play defense anymore and considers passing as a second option. Continue reading

Knicks Roster End of the Season Grades

We give our Knicks roster end of the season grades in Episode 62.  Here are the results:

Jay’s Grades

Carmelo Anthony – A-
Renaldo Balkman – Inc
Chauncey Billups – C-
Derrick Brown – Inc
Anthony Carter – B+
Toney Douglas – C+
Landry Fields – B- Continue reading

The Future of D’Antoni

Here is an excerpts from a recent e-mail discussion Jay and I had about D’Antoni

Jay: I completely disagree with this article about why the Knicks should bring back D’Antoni. Continue reading

Knicks excited to start summer vacation!!!

You know when you have worked non-stop and you just need a vacation badly. The Knicks sure do. This season has been a grind and, being that they are all relatively young millionaires, they have some exciting vacations planned. The Knicks sure looked like they couldn’t wait to go on vacation today…until Anthony Carter shamed them into playing. Based on how the Knicks played today, the only reason the Knicks lost this series 4-0 was because the NBA would not allow the Knicks to call it a series after losing the first 3 games. Continue reading