It is no longer about winning the series, it is now just about trying to avoid a shameful sweep

I know we are missing Billups and Amare but there is little excuse for getting swept.  Much of this series has been without these two and the Celtics have not outclassed the rest of our squad. The Knicks have had a realistic shot in every game. They need to step up and get it done today.

Is it D'Antoni's fault that Amare is injured?

While D’Antoni is not the direct cause of Amare’s injury/back spasm, does he deserve some blame? Amare averaged almost 37 minutes a game this year which was 2 minutes over his career average. These extra minutes may have caused Amare to wear down faster and be more prone to injury. This is the danger of going with such a short rotation. It would have made a lot of sense for D’Antoni to reduce Amare’s minutes when Carmelo arrived but that clearly did not happen. The regular season is a grind but you want to be ready for the playoffs. The Knicks had a good idea for a while where they would end up in the playoffs but D’Antoni seemed overly concerned about finishing above .500, and those extra victories are not so helpful now that they are down 0-3 to the Celtics.


Forget the injuries, forget game 1 and 2. It is on tonight. The Celtics are walking into Madison Square Garden and the Garden is hungry. This is not a friendly place for Boston fans. The refs are not going to bail the Celtics out tonight. It will be close, it may be a long and bloody fight but the Knicks will prevail tonight. This is not my opinion, this IS A FACT!!!

Episode 60: Games 2 and 3

Marc isn’t here so Jay does a solo-cast.  Hope it isn’t too awkward.  Jay goes over all the game 2 and game 3 games played from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Download Episode 60

Truly a bizarre night and a crushing loss…erghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been picking the Knicks to win every night and every night I have been crushed in the waning seconds. I am predicting they will win Friday night. The difference tonight was some awful injuries and some not too friendly refereeing. Nothing was awful by the refs but the advantage was definitely with the Celtics. These advantages will be for the Knicks in MSG. The Knicks played good defense once again but their offense is escaping them. Tonight was just bizarre: Continue reading

Dear Mr. So and So

Dear Mr. Howard,
Blocking the ball into the 7th row looks cool but the other team gets the ball back.

Dear Mr. D’Antoni,
Using all your timeouts before crunch time leaves you with no timeouts in cruch time.

Dear Mr. James,
Sometimes you do miss a shot on your own.  Not every miss is because you got fouled.

Dear NBA refs,
No one is here to see you.  Nor do real fans want to win because of you.  Just call the game evenly and everyone will be happy.

Dear Memphis Grizzlies,
Love the beards.

Dear Mr. Bryant,
Going 1 on 5 for 8 straight posessions won’t get it done.  I thought you learned that 4 years ago.

Dear Mr. Richardson and Mr. Turkoglu,
The playoffs started, please report to the court.

Episode 59: Game One

We talk about Sunday’s games, the positive and negative things we saw from game one, the importance of having home court advantage, some questionable calls from the refs, what to look for in game two, and much more.  Download Episode 59