Episode 56: Knicks vs Celtics – Bring it!

We talk about the upcoming Knicks/Celtics playoff series.  We go over the individual matchups and make our predictions on how the series will play out.  Download Episode 56

Random thought about the Knicks/Celtics playoff series

At first I thought the Celtics were being sneaky by not playing Shaq, ready to unleash him at full strengh for the playoffs.  Now I’m not so sure.  Not seeing him for the final few games makes me think he’s not going to be ready for round 1 vs. the Knicks.  This is excellent news since we have one of the smallest teams around.  It looks like we’ll only have to deal with Krstic and Jermaine O’Neal’s corpse, and maybe some Big Baby at the center position.  If Shaq comes back that throws a wrench into things a little bit.  We’d be severely undersized.

If only we had some bigger bodies on the team….If only there were some 7 footers out there for real cheap.  Someone that could give Amare a rest for ten minutes a game.  Someone like Darko Milicic, Anthony Randolph, Earl Barron, Jordan Hill….how do these other teams keep finding cheap big men?  Beats me.

Top 5 Things I do not want to see the Knicks do in the playoffs

  1. Go with a reduced rotation of say 6 or 7 guys. The Knicks play best when they have a more balanced attack. When they rely too heavily on Amare, Carmelo and Chauncey to carry them they do not win.
  2. Not move the ball around and have players continually stand around and watch Carmelo and Amare on offense.
  3. Rely too heavily on the 3 pointer.
  4. Continually allow opponents second and third chances on offense.
  5. Allow their opponents too many easy lay-ups

Download Episode 55

Episode 55: Interview with Jay

Marc interviews Jay about this season.  We talk about this seasons MVP, playoff predictions, potential upsets, most improved player, trade reactions, what players will be back on the Knicks next year, and much more.  Download Episode 55

Corey "Mother Fuckin" Brewer makes me so angry at D'Antoni

Corey Brewer played 30 minutes tonight in the Mavericks victory over the Clippers. He had 20 points, 6 rebounds (including 5 offensive rebounds), 4 assists, 4 steals and left me with a broken heart.  The dude can flat out play.

“He was incredible,” big man Tyson Chandler said. “I love to see that effort. He was everywhere, and that’s exactly what we need. Those are game-changing plays — stealing inbounds, making deflections, even little things that didn’t show up on the stat sheet. When we have guys playing like that, I think it’s really contagious.”

Oh and the Knicks beat a D-league team tonight.


Episode 54: Playoffs Baby, Playoffs

Well the Knicks are in the playoffs for the first time since 2004.  They beat the Toronto Raptors to clinch.  We also got a new entry for the Knicks Effect.  We should rest the starters for the rest of the season so we have fresh legs for the playoffs.  We try to guess the rotation for the playoffs.  What the hell is wrong with Balkman?  We talk about practice and how the Knicks don’t seem to have any.  Download Episode 54


There is speculation that Amare, Carmelo and Chauncey may get some rest now that the Knicks are set for the playoffs. I am on my knees begging D’Antoni to rest these guys because without some rest we stand no chance in the first round. It would also be a whole lot of fun to actually watch Andy Rautins, Derrick Brown and the rest of the bench actually getting serious minutes (I am pretty sure D’Antoni could not identify half his bench in a police lineup).