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A big think you to everyone who participated and congratulations to Mike and his son Miles, winner of our first photo contest and a $50 gift card at the Knicks store!

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Episode 100 – Knicks at Miami

We do a live commentary of the Knicks at Miami game.  This is fun even if you didn’t listen live/DVR the game.  We spend most of the time talking about trade scenarios, taking calls, reading emails, and going off on complete tangents like wresting, all time greats, rivalries, and other things going on around the league.

This episode was really long so I had to break it into two parts.

Download Episode 100 Part 1

Download Episode 100 Part 2

The Knick Effect 2011/12

So last year we noticed that it seems like every game someone is getting a season high against the Knicks.  I decided to see if this is true and kept a running list I called the Knick Effect.  It turns out 37 players had their best or second best game against the Knicks last season.  This season we got the 2nd best defensive center in the league.  It doesn’t seem like it’s made that much of a difference, 44 entries this time.  So without further ado here is the 2011/12 Knick Effect:

12/25 – Rajon Rondo – 31 points
12/25 – Brandon Bass – 20 points
12/28 – Brandon Rush – 19 points
12/29 – Jason Kapono – 9 points
12/31 – Jason Thompson – 13 points
1/4 – Boris Diaw – 27 points
1/12 – Rudy Gay – 26 points
1/14 – James Harden – 24 points
1/16 – J.J. Redick – 21 points
1/16 – Ryan Anderson – 30 points
1/18 – Steve Nash – 26 points
1/18 – Shannon Brown – 14 points (tied for best)
1/20 – Brandon Jennings – 36 points
1/20 – Shaun Livingston – 18 points
1/21 – Danilo Gallinari – 37 points Continue reading

Episode 99: Reviews, Rumors and Remedies

We talk about the Denver game, Dwight Howard trade rumors, top 5 things to be hopeful about, more trade rumors, our contest and the 100 episode which will be a live broadcast.  Download Episode 99

Western Conference Initial Reactions

Western Conference

Oklahoma City – This team is on fire right now.  The loss of Maynor for the season doesn’t seem to have affected them at all.  The Westbrook/Durant feud seems to have been nothing but hot air.  The team that everyone expected to make the conference finals before the season started is on pace to do just that.

Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe is ignoring the fact that this team is much worse than last year and Metta World Piece has only had 1 good game all season.  Playing with a chip on his shoulder after ESPN named him the 7th best player in the league, he’s been destroying teams,  recently with four straight 40 point games.  Will be interesting to see how they handle Bynums annual injury.  You know it’s coming Laker fans.

San Antonio Spurs – These guys just won’t go away.  They’ve been called old and past their prime for years and yet still lead their division.  It helps when your scouts consistently find a player no one has ever heard of that ends up being very good.  Gary Neal was that player last year;  James Anderson is that player this year. Continue reading

Episode 98: The Downs and the Downsers

Fun show tonight.  We talk about the Magic and Suns games.  We do the top 5 strategies teams should use against the Knicks.  We talk about our contest and read a really funny email from a listener.  We then try to figure out what the Knicks do in practice.  Download Episode 98

Episode 97: Draft Debate

Stan from joins us.  We talk about the Thunder game and then get Stan’s opinion on each player on the Knicks roster.  Then Marc tries to call Jay out on his comments about the Knicks draft history and a debate ensues.  Download Episode 97