Episode 116: Hosting with Posting and Toasting

We interview Seth Rosenthal from http://www.postingandtoasting.com on today’s show.  We talk everything Knicks, the good years, the bad, and whatever you’d call the current year.  Enjoy.  Download Episode 116

Episode 115: “I’m awesome when we’re up by 20″ – J.R. Smith

Well we lost to the Raptors but got to play the terrible Pistons the next night.  Jason Smith tries to murder Blake Griffin.  JR Smith is only good when the Knicks are up by 20.  Looking towards the Bucks game on Monday.  Lazy frauds.  Amar’e hurts his back again.  Download Episode 115

The ABC’s of today’s game

D is for Detroit who has a terrible team.  A team so terrible the Knicks were able to play mediocre on both end of the floor and still win by 20.

E is for enthusiastic, which is how I feel about Harrellson’s play as well as the handlebar mustache he is growing in.

T is for Tyson Chandler who was a beast all game.

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The Knicks display their lack of desire to lead catch division leader

This is a photo of the Knicks shot selection tonight:

The Knicks had a chance to close the gap on the 76ers tonight, playing the terrible Raptors.  They had a multi-faceted strategy:

  • Turn the ball over every other possession
  • Miss at least 10 layups and/or dunks
  • Miss as many shots as possible
  • Don’t tire yourself out contesting any Raptors driving to the basket
  • J.R. Smith should shoot constantly no matter how contested or how far from the net he is
  • Keep Jorts on the bench even though Jeffries is injured
  • Throw the ball into the stands at least once a quarter
  • Make sure no one is boxed out, someone might accidentally get a rebound if that happens

This strategy did not work.


Episode 114: Focus and Effort

The Knicks are on a five game winning streak which not only coincides with D’Antoni getting fired, it coincides with Carmelo Anthony trying! The Knicks beat Toronto and Philly. Ten things to worry about for the rest of the season. Some other news around the league, Fisher and Turiaf getting signed, Odom retiring and not telling anyone, and the battle for the last two playoffs spots in the east.  Download Episode 114

Carmelo Admits to Dogging It

Carmelo Anthony said that since Mike Woodson took over he’s had focus and energy he hasn’t had all season. It’s not like this is game 5 of the season. It’s game 45 and he finally decides to try on defense. What a guy! It’s good to know that our 18 million dollar a year man decided to start trying. Now it would be nice if he could remember how to shoot again too.

What pisses me off the most is that the Knicks have a much better chance of getting out of the first round if we finish the season as the 6th seed and play the Magic instead of the Heat or Bulls. We have 19 games to make up 3. That’s doesn’t leave much room for error. I can’t help but think if Melo graced us with some effort a few games earlier our road to the 6th seed would be much easier. And if the plan was to get D’Antoni fired don’t half-ass it, just completely tank and let management make a decision 20 games ago.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re on a 5 game winning streak and everything seems great now, but if this is the kind of personality we’re dealing with who knows when he’s going to lose his motivation again. He had 18 million reasons not to the first few months of the season and that didn’t seem to work.