New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls – Game Thread

Post your comments here for tonights game.  My first comment is, why is this game on so late?  Hopefully it’s an exciting game, if not I’ll be posting with you until I pass out.

To avoid spam I have the site set to approve the first post from all new posters, but once you’re approved you can post as much as you want without waiting.

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46 Responses to New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls – Game Thread

  1. I too was wondering why is the game so late, but it’s good for me since I live in AZ.

  2. Marc says:

    Could we call a do over on the start of this game?

  3. Marc says:

    Okay, now this game is fun. Can Landry watch game film of him being aggressive and try to do that more often.

  4. Charlie Yi says:

    Yes! JR shot from inside the arc! Landry looking ok, Davis is the new Bibby! Come on JJ!

  5. Charlie Yi says:

    Uh oh Melo’s cooling off a bit

  6. Charlie Yi says:

    Jesus they just went 17-2!

  7. Charlie Yi says:

    Time out already!

  8. This has been a pretty sad 2nd quarter…

  9. Charlie Yi says:

    Can’t believe I just saw Novak go to the rim. They are desperate! Novak is running ice cold. Somebody light a fire under him

  10. Charlie Yi says:

    Yes JR inside the arc again!

  11. Charlie Yi says:

    Damn you Davis!

  12. Charlie Yi says:

    Davis actually making us lose this game!!! Put Bibby in!

    • We are not that desperate to put Bibby back in.

      • Charlie Yi says:

        At least Bibby does NOTHING. Davis has turned it over twice already, and shot bricks from beyond the 3 like he has a green light for everything, and worse…. he’s actually hogging the ball and not dishing.

        Chandler needs to start dunking some of those that he’s kicking out!

    • Niroshan Bavanandan says:

      As poorly as Davis has played (keep in mind he is gutting it out w/ a bad hamstring), he still looks like Chris Paul compared to Bibby and Douglas.

      • Charlie Yi says:

        True. Damn, I’m not even allowed to be mad at Davis justifiably! Damn, I need someone to be mad at right now!

  13. newdaddyhood says:

    4 for 21 in the 2nd quarter, i think the entire team is trying to emulate JR Smith

  14. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    With the exception of JR Smith when he is hot, there isn’t a single guard on the Knicks who can just knock down an open 3. Has Shumpert become the next best shooter among guards on this team? And Toney Douglas is quickly heading into Mike Bibby territory.

  15. newdaddyhood says:

    I love Chandler but would it kill him to develop a post game.

  16. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Why not just put Harrelson in the game without a point guard and see what happens?

  17. newdaddyhood says:

    It is amazing how we have a roster with 4 shooting guards and not a single one of them can shoot. That might be something they want to work on in the off season.

  18. Charlie Yi says:

    We need to tell Davis to stop shooting and remind him he’s allowed to pass the ball!

  19. Charlie Yi says:

    So far we got Melo with 14, and Landry with 7. Let’s let Landry play more and give the green light to shoot. He’s doing good!

  20. newdaddyhood says:

    Knicks need Novak to get hot in the second half.

    • Charlie Yi says:

      Word! Maybe if somebody can cut off Noah’s annoying pony tail and have Novak make a new belt out of it, it will help

  21. newdaddyhood says:

    Baron Davis made a three, now he has two more wishes.

  22. newdaddyhood says:

    Gotta say, I like the start to this quarter.

  23. Charlie Yi says:

    Yes! More chandler dunks please!

  24. newdaddyhood says:

    You think Woodson may have discussed being more aggressive at halftime.

  25. Charlie Yi says:

    Egads! We can’t buy a basket!!! And Hamilton looks a cyborg!

  26. Charlie Yi says:

    Somebody stop Hamilton

  27. LOL @ the announcer saying Davis was helping the knicks offensively, I think he was referring to the Bulls offense.

  28. Charlie Yi says:

    Noah is killing us on the boards

  29. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    The Knicks are being out rebounded 38-20! Why hasn’t Harrellson gotten any minutes?

  30. Charlie Yi says:

    Chandler is a beast!!!

  31. newdaddyhood says:

    The Knicks look like Stonehenge on offense.

  32. newdaddyhood says:

    If Bill Walker is actually health why not put him out there.

  33. Charlie Yi says:

    I wasn’t joking. Somebody stop Hamilton for goodness sakes!

  34. Charlie Yi says:

    JR again!

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