Knicks vs The Harry Potters 4/13/12 – Game Thread

The Wizards stink so this should be an easy one right?  RIGHT?

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17 Responses to Knicks vs The Harry Potters 4/13/12 – Game Thread

  1. Luke says:

    Baron looking good so far.

    Typically I’d say this one has all the makings of a typical Knicks trap game, but I’ll go ahead and guess the score will be WAS 87 – NY 102

  2. Baron is definitely looking less corpselike tonight. I’m liking the energy so far. Shumpert needs to stop trying to dunk one haned from the free throw line, that’s 3 games in a row he got blocked trying to do that.

    • Luke says:

      Yea. It feels like he doesn’t have enough of a handle on the ball when he does it, like he’s got small girly hands or something.

  3. thenewyorkknickspodcast says:

    Bibby looks alive too, what the he’ll is going on?

  4. Luke says:

    Good lord the Wizards offense is terrible. Is Nene injured?

  5. Charlie Yi says:

    Has anyone noticed that an entire half has gone by and Davis has 0 assists? A PG with 0 assists in a half is not a PG

  6. 23%….maybe the Wizards should try lacrosse

  7. Luke says:

    Melo has been playing great for ages now, but when Amar’e is back is he going to get these kind of touches. Look at how everyone clears the paint out for him and waits on the opposite side. Yet another ‘meshing period’ once he’s back healthy

  8. Luke says:

    So Nets beat Philly, so we’re now tied for 7th Seed following a Win tonight

  9. Charlie Yi says:


  10. Is Washington going to fire their coach and blow up their team now?

  11. Charlie Yi says:

    So anyone know if Shump is ok?

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