Knicks vs Celtics 4/17/12 – Game Thread

Which Just Ridiculous Smith will we see tonight?  Can Shumpert stop Rondo?  Will Baron decompose by halftime?  Pierce vs Melo is always fun.  Lets hope the Knicks get one step closer to clinching that playoff spot.

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25 Responses to Knicks vs Celtics 4/17/12 – Game Thread

  1. It takes Baron 7 seconds to cross half court….

  2. Looks like we might have the good Just Ridiculous tonight

  3. Charlie Yi says:

    I know I actually even doubted myself when I said JR could be PG, but he’s doing it. And he doesn’t take half the shot clock to get the ball up the court!

  4. Charlie Yi says:

    Also I prayed for more cutting and Chandler is stepping up on the cuts? No friggin’ way!

  5. Charlie Yi says:

    nice bounce pass, good defense, and nailing the shots.

    He’s crazy ridiculous so far. Let’s hope it keep up!

  6. Please excuse my evil twin brother that complained about Smith last episode.

  7. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    The Knicks are +19 with JR Smith on the court tonight. Just Ridiculously good.

  8. Pierce forgot to come back out in a wheelchair

  9. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Did anyone else notice Landry get away with a backcourt violation?

  10. When did Rondo learn how to shoot?

  11. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    There have already been 13 made 3pt shots total. And the 2nd quarter isnt over yet…

  12. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Its nice to finally be on the other end of a 4pt play this season.

  13. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    This has been an insane game…but I am a bit nervous we are only up 19 at half. With this kind of shooting, we should be up 30+.

  14. newdaddyhood says:

    I am getting worried

  15. newdaddyhood says:

    That was the worst alley oop pass I have ever seen baron

  16. newdaddyhood says:

    When is the last time you saw a Knicks pg penetrate before passing

  17. newdaddyhood says:

    Baron u are making me want to give Bibby minutes

  18. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Im really losing faith in Woodson right now. Baron should not still be in. He is killing us.

  19. Charlie Yi says:

    Bibby performed better than Davis tonite!

    1/1 field goals, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 pts

    0/3 field goals, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 0 PTA

  20. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Melo has been getting called for some ticky tack fouls. Hopefully someone else can knock down some shots. (and as im typing, its Novak)

  21. Charlie Yi says:

    Novak ON FIRE!!!

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