Knicks vs. New Jersey Jokes 4/18/12 Game Thread

Any fan of the New Jersey Nets should be embarrassed to show his face public. Things are only going to get worse next year in Brooklyn when Deron leaves. His bags have been packed since the All Star Game. Oh, so the Knicks will play them tonight and hopefully crush them. Let’s see if the Knicks, after shooting 60% from 3 point land, shoot 3 for 35 tonight. Those hoping to see Amare tonight sorry, you will have to wait until Friday to see him miss open jumpers. And, Baron please try not to embarrass yourself tonight.

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9 Responses to Knicks vs. New Jersey Jokes 4/18/12 Game Thread

  1. Charlie Yi says:

    Unreal right now

  2. Charlie Yi says:

    Can’t believe I am posting this, but leave Bibby in there :)

  3. This is pretty sad basketball right now for knicks.

  4. Charlie Yi says:

    Is it just me or is Chandler looking kind of slow in that last quarter? Is he okay?

  5. Charlie Yi says:

    I’m starting to have Pacer’s flashback nightmare!

  6. newdaddyhood says:

    Is deron Williams resting tonight to get ready for free agency?

  7. newdaddyhood says:

    If Bibby screws up can I get mad or is it like getting mad at a dog for peeing on the carpet

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