Knicks @ The Cleveland Tankers 4/20/12 – Game thread

Stat is starting, Fields is not, Walking is waived, Gadzuric is signed.  Never a dull moment for the Knicks.  Hopefully we’ll continue our quest for the 6th seed.  Orlando is a mess right now, but their magic number is only 2 and they have a game against the Bobcats, so every game is really important now.

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13 Responses to Knicks @ The Cleveland Tankers 4/20/12 – Game thread

  1. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    This game is really depressing. Looks like we are back to square one.

  2. Whats up with the 3 point shooting here?!

  3. Can’t even blame Amare for this. They can’t keep up with Cliveland’s energy. It’s like watching one team in normal speed and the other team in slow motion.

  4. Beginning of the 3rd quarter. This is ugly…

  5. Umm whats happening, why are we losing?

  6. We match up really bad with the Cavs for some reason.

  7. When Bibby is our best player we have problems.

  8. It’s almost as if now they know they’ve secured the playoff spot they just stop trying.

  9. Once that halfcourt shot went in we should have unloaded the bench.

  10. Is it a rule we always have to have one player on the roster who plays like he shouldn’t be in the NBA anymore? First it was Douglas, then Bibby, then STAT, then Davis and now it’s Fields.

  11. Woodson has given up the game. He pulled all the key players and uses the second half as a practice ground for Amare.

  12. On the up side, Harrelson is sporting a Jeremy Lin style crew cut.

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