Knicks vs the worst team of all time 4/26/12 – Game thread

Did I just jinx us by calling the Bobcats the worst team of all time?  Because for that the be official the Knicks need to win tonight.

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18 Responses to Knicks vs the worst team of all time 4/26/12 – Game thread

  1. aaron says:

    If we lose this game I’m gonna shit myself

  2. aaron says:

    do you think michael jordan just talks about how rich she is in her owners box…

  3. aaron says:

    I can’t stand that guy

  4. aaron says:

    it’s been an up and down season guys, I appreciate your show, I appreciate the trivia contest, you guys crack me up traffic, cats, wives, kids, and all..

  5. aaron says:

    we’re losing to charlotte lol

  6. We’re recording right now, but I’m ready to pull the plus should this get out of hand

  7. At least Harrellson is looking good…

  8. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Come on 8 seed!

  9. Philly is down by 20 to Detroit, they’re tanking better

  10. Bibby goes down and no one cares…

  11. Knicks need to lose so we can play Chicago and not get swept by Miami.

  12. 76ers are down by 27 now, if they lose we can’t get 8th.

  13. aaron says:

    I want Miami.. fuck those guys..

  14. aaron says:

    JR is the man

  15. That Amarie dunk had me having flashbacks of him in Phoenix, lol.

  16. The Bobcats officially have the worst winning percentage of all time. Nice job Jordan!

  17. At some point you have to feel sorry for the bobcats…

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