Knicks vs Heat 5/6/12 – Game 4 gamethread

Will this be the last game of the season?  We went a game without losing a player to injury, will we bring that streak to 2?  I’ll start this thread out on a positive note; we weren’t the first team to get eliminated from the playoffs.  Thank you Dallas!

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18 Responses to Knicks vs Heat 5/6/12 – Game 4 gamethread

  1. It’s been a half a quarter and I’m not furious. Bonus!

  2. So the trick to get Amare to preform is to disable one of his limps.

  3. This feels like the portion of the game where the Heat’s 6th man (the refs) take over.

  4. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    I promised myself I wouldn’t get angry when Miami flops. But when Miller fell over after moving into Harrellson, I couldn’t help it.

  5. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    That was a foul on Melo, but Bosh didnt need to fall over like that.

  6. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Can we move the Heat to Hollywood? I think it would be more appropriate.

  7. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Do we need to bring in a coach to teach players how to set picks? We’ve been getting called for about 5 moving screens a game this series.

  8. Charlie Yi says:

    GAWDS we suck at shooting

  9. Charlie Yi says:

    Baron Davis is a bum

  10. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Tyson finally blew up on the refs. He wanted to remind them of what a foul looks like.

  11. If that’s a double technical I’m turning this off.

  12. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    I was kind of expecting Eric Spolstra to say, “I want to go on a run before the half. I want to see guys hustling and diving. Seriously, if there is any contact, take a dive. We got this.”

  13. Niroshan Bavanandan says:

    Even Tim Donaghy would think this is a poorly called game.

  14. Baron Davis is going down…. I knew it!

  15. Jeez, that replay of Davis brought tears to my eyes…

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