Knicks vs Magic – Game Thread 11-13-12

The quest for 5-0 begins now!

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19 Responses to Knicks vs Magic – Game Thread 11-13-12

  1. Niro says:

    Really sloppy first half so far. It feels like they are just trying to get by in this game. Hopefully they turn in up in the second half.

  2. Niro says:

    I can’t believe that foul on Felton wasn’t called a flagrant…there was a wind up, direct contact to the head, and follow through. Basically all three criteria. No mention of it from the annoucers though. The Knicks have gotten flagrants for MUCH less.

  3. Niro says:

    Random techincal on Carmelo. Blantant basket interference. This is getting out of hand.

  4. Niro says:

    Carmelo going super iso and then failed to get back on defense for the second time tonight. That was the worst quarter of the season.

  5. I guarantee Chandler is screaming in peoples faces right now.

  6. Niro says:

    So I guess defense just isn’t a factor for either team today. They want to take turns scoring.

  7. This is looking way too much like last years teams tonight. JR has played huge though.

  8. delacmi says:

    One postive for the knicks they are only on 9 turnovers, where as Orlando 20!

  9. Niro says:

    Well, the Knicks just waitied until the 4th quarter to lock down defensively. A win in a win.

  10. They’ve taken care of the ball really well. It’s been huge.

  11. delacmi says:

    Any reason why camby got 4 mins?

  12. Joel says:

    When the next podcast?

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