Knicks vs Grizzlies – 11-16-12 – Game Thread

This is probably the toughest test of the season so far as the quest to remain undefeated continues.  Comment here as the game goes on.

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23 Responses to Knicks vs Grizzlies – 11-16-12 – Game Thread

  1. John says:

    Good ball movement on that basket

  2. Melo does not get calls for some reason. Headband was knocked over his face twice in the first 5 minutes.

    • Niro says:

      The officiating hasn’t been horrendous, but Melo wasn’t getting the benefit on the offensive end. That offensive foul was the correct call though.

  3. John says:

    They need to work on free throws.

  4. Niro says:

    When was the last time we had a post player as good as Sheed? Was it Patrick? And you have to love what Pringles brings to the team.

  5. Just caught up. Melo did a nice job on much bigger players. Rasheed looks great so far. Memphis looks better than the Spurs.

  6. Michael d says:

    Rasheed Wallace barking at Grizzlies bench – “ZBO ain’t gonna make no difference either!” he is feeling it.

  7. Niro says:

    Jesus. I think we just lost JR.

  8. John says:

    Good thing rasheed wallace was on the floor.

  9. Niro says:

    Great, now the refs are getting whistle happy.

  10. Kidd has been more deadly from the 3 than Novak so far this season

  11. Niro says:

    I can watch Sheed and ZBo go back and forth all day.

  12. Intense game so far. Both teams want this game bad.

  13. Michael D says:

    Wow is Gay getting Manhandled………PAUSE

  14. Niro says:

    Feels like Memphis is getting the lucky tips.

  15. Niro says:

    I’m surprised Camby hasn’t gotten playing time.

  16. Niro says:

    Some of these foul calls are so petty. But sometimes they miss the blatant stuff.

  17. Niro says:

    That “FOUL” & Techincal on Melo was criminal.

  18. Niro says:

    Mike Woodson waited 3 posessions too long to call that timeout.

  19. Niro says:

    Sheed gets a block, gets called for a foul. He runs away, he gets a technical. This game is rigged.

  20. How could the refs have reviewed that foul and still called a flagrant?

  21. Ah, Ed Malloy is the ref. Same guy who was reffing during all those terribly called Celtics/Heat games last May. Should have known.

  22. Make a note: At the 8:59 mark in the 4th quarter Melo got a call

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