A Roller-coaster of Emotions

This game made me so angry, sad, happy, grumpy, ecstatic, nervous, depressed, elated, worried and furious.

  •  Since the Knicks were playing the Kings it seems like they decided to try and win with only Chandler and Copeland trying in the 1st half.
  • Derrick Rose is apparently healthy.  He wore an Isiah Thomas jersey in the first quarter of this game and an Aaron Brooks jersey in the 2nd quarter.
  • The first quarter of this game was the most disgusting thing I watched all day. And I watched Human Centipede 2 today.
  • I threw up in my mouth during the Fredette coast to coast layup.
  • Two minutes later I threw up again during Copelands coast to coast layup that got blocked.  All 2 1/2 minutes it took him to get there.  Why a layup?
  • James Johnson.  Season high.  Knick Effect.
  • Who has more confidence when they shoot, JR Smith or Chris Copeland?
  • Since Dec 11th Ronnie Brewer has missed 14 straight 3-pointers, has 5 zero-point games and another 3 2-point games.  Shumpert needs to come back ASAP.
  • James White got the start, picked up 2 fouls in the first minute and was benched until the middle of the 2nd quarter.  Thanks for the contribution!
  • The Knicks were down by 27 in the middle of the 2nd quarter to the Kings.  27!
  • In the 3rd quarter the Kings remembered they were thing Kings and let the Knicks pull to within 6.
  • Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws. Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.  Tyson hit your free throws.
  • Phantom foul on Kidd, Thomas hits both because unlike the Knicks the Kings can hit their free throws.  (at one point in the 1st quarter the Knicks (Chandler) were 0-4 and the Kings were 10-10) That was the first bad call I’ve seen all night, not bad.  And the Knicks are still up so all is good.
  • The Knicks pull off the impossible, come back from the largest deficit in Knicks history and are up by 2 at the buzzer.
  • Oh wait, not quite at the buzzer, Kings hit a buzzer beater to ruin Knicks fans day 1/2 hour into it.  That one hurt.

Knicks vs Kings – 12-28-12 – Game Thread

Everyone on the Knicks is injured.  Lets hope this is a blowout so Prigs can play a lot of minutes and save some wear and tear on Kidd, since he’s going to be playing a ton of minutes in January.  Other things to look for are Camby continuing to progress, Brewer getting out of his terrible slump (26% from the field and 6% from 3 point land this month).  Comment below as the game progresses.

The Knicks Turn Back the Clock Against the Bulls

And by turn back the clock I mean turn back the clock to last season when the Knicks were a sub-.500 team.

  • My theory is the Knicks thought the world would end before the end of the game so it didn’t matter how the played tonight.
  • Through three quarters Carmelo Anthony had 26 points on 9-23 shooting and the other four starters combined had 10 points on 3-17 shooting.
  • I don’t know what happened to Brewer but he’s gotten slightly worse every game to the point where tonight in 9 minutes he was 0-4 with a +/- of minus 15.
  • The refs decided to let the teams play very physical in the beginning of the game and then call everything in the 2nd quarter.  This led to a very pissed off Melo who got his 7th technical of the season in the 2nd quarter and his 8th in the 4th and is now on pace to get suspended about 8 times before the season is over.  Woodson also got ejected.  And Chandler.  Not sure how many atrociously officiated games have to be made before the league does something about it, but apparently it has to be somewhere in the high millions.
  • Carlos Boozer does not shut up for a second when he’s on the court, and it’s mostly bitching about not getting foul calls or yelling “And One” after every Bulls shot.
  • This team has a lot of trouble with bigger teams.  I’m assuming this problem will be solved when any combination of Amare, Wallace and Camby come back.
  • I think we’re going to have to start calling him JR Felton as he’s taken the lead in being Just Ridiculously good or just ridiculously bad from game to game.
  • Tyson with zero shot attempts through three quarters.  Zero.  Finished with a whopping one attempt.  At least he made it.
  • Apparently being up by 20 in the 4th quarter still doesn’t get Thibodeau to unload the bench.  Not managing starters minutes isn’t the best of strategies, sincerely the D’Antoni era Knicks.
  • JR Smith, one of two Knicks to be playing anywhere near acceptable basketball (26 points and 10 rebounds) fouls out with 7 minutes left in the game.

Note:  I turned the game off with 6 minutes to go and the Knicks down by 14 and Smith, Woodson and Melo all out.  They came real close to winning which shows you can never count this team out.