The Battle of New York Part 2 – 12-11-12 – Game Thread

NY Team A vs NY Team B.  Last time the Hipsters won by 7.  Last time the New Jersey Nets of Brooklyn has Lopez and the Knicks didn’t have Kidd, this time it’s the opposite.  Comment as the game goes on.

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17 Responses to The Battle of New York Part 2 – 12-11-12 – Game Thread

  1. Did the whole team go out with JR last night?

  2. Niro says:

    Just when it seems like the Knicks can get some momentum…offensive foul on Felton spinning AWAY from Deron Williams.

  3. MSG with a nice Nets flop montage

  4. Melo leads the league in bleeding on the court.

  5. Niro says:

    The Knicks are better off NOT doubling against the Nets. Couldn’t have imagined a worse 1st QTR.

  6. Niro says:

    I think I’ll be happy if the Knicks are within 10 at half.

  7. Niro says:

    Novak has no stats in the box score, but his presence on the court seems to improve the spacing. And the defense looks no worse than it was w/ Brewer in.

  8. Niro says:

    Nice to see the Knicks woke up.

  9. Niro says:

    Well, at least the Nets players have a future in Hollywood once they retire.

  10. Niro says:

    Rasheed is so frustrating to watch. If only he can stick to his strengths.

  11. Niro says:

    I think its time to put Felton back in.

  12. Niro says:

    Funny how the Nets are complaining about the refs making the RIGHT call.

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