Knicks vs Lakers – 12-13-12 – Game Thread

Mike D’Antoni comes back to NY.  Can the Knicks put the Lakers further below .500?  How many free throws will Dwight miss today?  Chris Duhon is starting, that should be fun.  Comment below as the game goes.

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13 Responses to Knicks vs Lakers – 12-13-12 – Game Thread

  1. John says:

    If Melo keeps on like this he should take every shot

  2. I hope Dwight is injured because he looks like trash out there.

  3. I now see why everyone was criticizing the Lakers defense. Melo and Felton playing like Metta and Duhon aren’t even there.

  4. 1st quarter and Kobe is jacking up frustration shots.

  5. Aaron says:

    Ive never even heard of half the Lakers

  6. Aaron says:

    I have money on this game, Phoenix is L.A. east. No joke these Mexicans are crazy lakers fans. Lol

  7. Niro says:

    For all of the times Kobe came into MSG and embarrased the Knicks…this feels so good.

  8. John says:

    Dwight to the line. I’m scared. lol

  9. Niro says:

    I doubt they Knicks will lose, but they are starting to get bored. This is when they start going isolation every play.

  10. Niro says:

    God, this was a perfect game. Then Dwight had to take out Melo.

  11. ImanShrumpertsHair says:

    I think Charles should go just do weight loss commercials.

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