Knicks vs Magic – 1-5-12 – Game Thread

The magic have almost as many players injured as the Knicks do and sucked to begin with.  If the Knicks don’t make it two in a row tonight expect a very cynical podcast tomorrow.  Comment below as the game goes.  Please.  I was arguing with myself last game.

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32 Responses to Knicks vs Magic – 1-5-12 – Game Thread

  1. Michael D says:

    I love chandler and camby starting togeather!

  2. The Knicks know the game started at 7 and not 7:30 right?

  3. Michael D says:

    Yeah haha,

  4. ohh jesus!! woodson must be mad pissed 35 and counting…

  5. Is there an NBA record for getting your shot blocked? And does Amare already have that record?

  6. Jameer… What going on, I’m sure your not good? #knickeffect

  7. Michael D says:

    At least it won’t be hedo #knickeffect

  8. Speaking of Nelson, I love how many different ways Clyde has called him small today.

  9. With that beard McRoberts looks like Charlie from It’s Always Sunny

  10. Chandler and Smith having a contest to see how can be closest to horizontal while still getting a shot off.

  11. Was that the play that was written up? A Nelson half court shot?

  12. This is why I can’t get that into american football. I switched over during halftime and there was a commercial on, then I saw two plays for a total of 45 seconds and now there’s another commercial on.

  13. Can Hakeem come back and show Amare how to finish without getting his shot blocked?

  14. Niro says:

    I think I’ve had enough of Amare for one day. Forget the defense. He is clueless on how to fit into the offense. Just seems to get in the way of everyone. I think the refs feel bad for him because he had a couple of moving screens that they just ignored.

  15. Amare didn’t get his shot blocked! He missed a 1 footer, but baby steps.

  16. Chris called it early in the game. Jameer Nelson – #Knickeffect

  17. Yes novak just let Jameer run right by you… arghh

  18. Get brewer back on at least he can shut down afflalo

  19. Niro says:

    Not sure about that techincal on Charlie Kelly. But after calls Afflalo has been getting, we deserved one.

  20. Melo is in video game mode right now.

  21. Does anyone know if brewer has some lingering injury that makes him shockingly bad on offense? I keep googleing “brewer injury” in hope that’ll he be back to par by the end of the season…

    • I haven’t heard anything, but then again the Knicks never let it be known if a player is injured. I kind of hope he is so there is an explanation for his play and also so he can sit and get healthy when Shump comes back.

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