Knicks vs Kings – 2-2-13 – Game Thread

Another very winnable game.  Who will get tonights #Knickeffect?  Comment below as the game goes on.

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13 Responses to Knicks vs Kings – 2-2-13 – Game Thread

  1. Why do the Knicks hate playing good basketball in the 1st quarter so much?

  2. Knicks are on a 13-2 run since Amare entered the game

  3. Michael D says:

    I say knickeffect marcus Thornton
    Chandler already with 9 boards! =beast

  4. Niro says:

    The Knicks are definitely trying to get through the season w/ as little effort as possible against bad teams. They take the first quarter or two off at times, and then try to turn it on late. Today they were getting booed and fell so far behind that they had to kick it in gear a little earlier.

  5. Niro says:

    Oh wow…an effective Novak sighting that isn’t in 4th qtr garbage minutes.

  6. This is such a blowout I don’t even have anything interesting to say

  7. I love how aggressive Chandler is being

  8. So Melos streak of 20 point games is over but Tyson now has a steak of 20 rebound games!

  9. Michael D says:

    Wow 20 rebounds to 45

  10. Michael D says:

    What’s Amares Fg% since he got back?

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