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  1. Here are some reasons carmelo hesitated at half court during wizards game.
    -He thought a timeout was called.
    -He was expecting a timeout to be called.
    -He thought about passing to Andrea Bargnani and had to slow down to safely breathe through his laughter.
    -He thought about passing to Beno Udrih, slowed down to let him catch up but realized he wouldn’t reach the 3-point line until early Tuesday morning.
    -He remembered Chris Smith is taking up a roster spot while the team has Udrih as its only healthy point guard.
    -Jabari Parker, yo.
    -He loves seeing Knicks bloggers on twitter following a tough loss.
    -He figured out who the mole in the front office is.
    -Burying the team’s record lower and lower makes the eventual championship run that much more memorable.

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