The Next Knicks

The Next Knicks

Written By Nicholas McGowan

            Now is the time to stand up and applaud Phil Jackson (if you haven’t already), for the heist he pulled off yesterday in the trade with the Dallas Mavericks. Phil Jackson shipped out the 14 million dollar contract of Tyson Chandler and the multiyear deal Raymond Felton still had remaining. The Knicks received from the Mavericks point guard Jose Calderon, backup shooting guard Wayne Ellington, starting center Samuel Dalambert, promising young point guard Shane Larkin, and two second draft picks in tonight’s draft. With the Knicks actually making smart moves and getting back draft picks, its time start being proud of the fact that for one day we are not the laughing stock of the NBA when it comes to trades. (Player contracts are another story, but at least we are improving in one area). The Knicks come out of this deal looking to go younger and looking to get rid of big contracts. Expect that trend to continue as the offseason progresses. Could we possibly see a J.R. Smith trade tonight instead of a Shumpert trade? Could we possibly see Jose Calderon be traded one day after we acquired him? A lot of new possibilities have emerged with this trade. I would expect the Knicks draft strategy to deviate after yesterday’s deal, so with that said let us take a look at who the Knicks might target in the second round and look at the chance that the Knicks still trade into the first round.

 Point Guards:

Before the trade I had the Knicks trading up to the 21st spot with the OKC Thunder to draft Syracuse point guard Tyler Ennis. Trading Shumpert for Ennis would be a good move in my book and would welcome the addition of pass first point guard that has great court vision and plays defense. Yet with the addition of Shane Larkin and Jose Calderon the Knicks might draft a point guard with their later pick. The Knicks might target Louisville guard Russ Smith. Smith is a talented 3-point shooter, decent defender, and a good value for a late second round pick. I would hope the Knicks could find a way to trade Jose Calderon but if they don’t having Larkin and Calderon going forward would be an upgrade over Toure Murray and Raymond Felton.

 Shooting Guards:

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Acquiring those Draft Picks

Written by Nicholas McGowan

Acquiring those Draft Picks

The New York Knicks are not going to be a contender next year to win a championship, they probably will not be a good team either, for those reasons the Knicks’ plan moving forward is to rebuild next year. With a first round draft pick paired with tons of money to spend in free agency, the Knicks have an opportunity this year to further help their cause in 2015. Phil Jackson recently spoke about buying a draft pick, how high that draft pick will be is still yet to be determined, but adding a young player to this roster will help. The Knicks do not draft as bad as believed, we just trade away our picks every year. Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. have been great first round pickups, Toure Murray is drawing interest from the Bulls, Warriors, and the Nets. Let us not also forget that the Knicks found Jeremy Lin and made him into a 3 year 25 million dollar man. Adding a young player would be great. This young player has the potential to be a factor in our rebuilding process next year. Let us take a look at where the Knicks might be able to acquire a draft round pick, for both straight up cash considerations and for perhaps trading a player for a pick.

Darryl Morey the Houston Rockets general manager, recently on ESPN radio compared this years draft to that of 2003 and 2005. The draft at the top is similar to that of 2003 yet the depth is more comparable to 2005. Looking at the 2003, 2005, Continue reading

Government Cheese and Andrea Bargnani

How is it that a team can enter the NBA Playoffs as the Eastern Conference Number 2 Seed and not seal up the obvious weaknesses on the roster?  If you are a lifetime fan of the New York Knicks, you have seen the offseason become a series of laughable blunders year after year.  Large, pointless contracts to shockingly bad players and more-than-questionable free agent signings leaving the roster the only NBA team in history to equal the average age of the Golden Girls cast, have been the norm.  This season, the Knicks ownership went another direction, bringing in Andrea Bargnani to bolster the roster in ways that not even the most basketball-savvy Knicks fan can understand.  Somewhere in the New York Knicks mission statement is a sentence stating a hatred for 1st Round Draft Picks.

How did Nate Robinson grab that rebound over you?

In the latest edition of “Let’s Refuse to Make Sensible Moves”, the “wow” move made by the Knicks brass was bringing in Andrea Bargnani in exchange for two role players, a sign-and-trade player, a first round pick in 2016, and the second round picks in 2014 and 2017.  All this for a player that his present team would have taken a trade involving three slices of government cheese, an RC Cola and Lavor Postell just to unload him.  Being one that would rather hear the bad news first, lets look at what positivity could come from this trade.  Continue reading

Knicks Draft Prospects 2013

A big thank you to Will Villanueva for putting together this writeup
Knicks Draft 2013
3 Guys the Knicks should consider drafting
 The New York Knicks currently hold the 24th pick in the upcoming 2013 NBA draft. There are many rumors leading up to the draft as it pertains to what any number of teams plans might be for their respective pick. I’m here to tell you who your New York Knickerbockers should take with their only draft pick. Will weigh the pros and cons of each of the following 3 prospects and what their strengths and weaknesses are as well. Without further ado:
1. Gorgui Dieng PF/C Louisville 6’11” 235 Lbs.
Why you take him:
If he’s there, you take him, no questions asked. The biggest issue is if he lasts until pick 24 in a weak draft. It’s possible, not probable. There are 4 teams ahead of the Knicks who will look to take Dieng if he is there : Boston (16th), Atlanta (17th & 18th), Cleveland (19th) & Brooklyn (22nd). He has good size at 6’11” and a wingspan of 7’4”. He’s already a highly intelligent defensive player and he’s more quicker and agile on the back line than Chandler, Martin and Camby. He’s obviously a more capable defender than Amar’e so from a depth chart standpoint he fits playing behind STAT and Chandler and possibly along side Camby making for an extremely capable defensive front court. Outstanding help defender at the College level, should translate well. He’s got a good mid range touch from the baseline and from 10 to 15 feet from the basket. Decent passer for a big, will find cutters from the high and low post. Will be a solid rotation player for years to come, even from the start of his NBA career.
Why you don’t take him:
He’s currently older than I am, he’s 23 years old so the whole upside thing isn’t there. Lacks any true post skills so he’ll fit right in with the current front court. Not great in transition, much more of a threat in half court through Pick N Roll or Pick N Pop situations. Will never be a go-to scorer by any means, wasn’t able to average double digits in scoring as a senior. Good rebounder, potential to be better, relies on his athleticism and length. Needs to catch the ball better, plain and simple, not bad hands but could be better.  Shot 66% around the rim but only 42% right outside the restricted area. Not that strong despite his size. He can be bullied by more bruising center types, luckily aren’t a lot of those types around. Continue reading