I think I had a heart palpitations watching the Knicks beat the Grizzlies

The Knicks pulled off a big win tonight against Memphis. Towards the end of the third quarter the Knicks looked to be on their way to another blowout. The Grizzlies, however, would not say die and chipped away and chipped away. Carmelo had to nail a shot with .5 seconds remaining to secure this victory tonight. But, that is of course why we got Carmelo, we got him to hit clutch shots and secure victories for us. He also had a big steal near the end of the game. The Knicks continue to roll without Billups but this was a game where they could really have used his leadership towards the end of the game. The Knicks had this one but a bunch of sloppy passes and forced shots kept the Grizzlies in this one. Mr. Cool Billups would have made this a much easier victory.

  • I sometimes forget that Zach Randolph is a beast. He is looking better than ever.
  • The Knicks won the assist battle 31-18 but the Grizzlies shot 35 free throws to only 4 for the Knicks. What an odd game. I love the fact that the Knicks have picked up their passing during this winning streak and I have to assume tonight was just an anomaly as far as getting to the line.
  • I hope Bill Walker likes Roger Mason’s seat on the bench.



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