Overheard in the Knicks Huddle: "is it the 4th quarter already, man I am tired, are you guys tired?"

Are the Knicks just not getting a lot of sleep? It is as if this team fell asleep once again in the 4th quarter. Throughout the first 3 quarters the Knicks seemed to have their act together. They were not making as many mistakes on defense, they actually moved the ball on offense (well some of the time) and Ronny Turiaf actually shot the ball FIVE times. Then the 4th quarter started and the Knicks started rushing shots on offense and just playing sloppy defense. Some points from tonight:

  • While Turiaf is clearly no match for Dwight Howard, he is still their best guy covering him, so why did he only play 19 minutes?
  • Was Amare imitating Carmelo’s Detroit game? Though in the 4th Carmelo and Amare had a couple of pick and roll plays where they looked completely in sync and Knicks fans could only dream of the possibilities.
  • I am thinking of putting a picture of the pre-Carmelo trade Landry Fields on a milk carton.
  • The Magic had 14 more rebounds than the Knicks tonight. Knicks google phrase “boxing out”.
  • Billups slow tempo style on offense is not to be watched while operating heavy machinery.
  • Why does Jared Jeffries even put his hands up on offense?
  • Does Stan Van Gundy tell Hedo Turkoglu and Brandon Bass that they played awesome tonight or does he rip them for ONLY having very good games against the Knicks?
  • At least the Knicks are clearly the best sub-.500 team in the NBA this side of Cleveland.

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