HOLY CRAP: The Knicks Did Not Lose for Two Nights in a Row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, the Knicks did not play tonight but, hey, you have to get your celebrations in when you can as a Knick fan these days. And hey, the Cavs beat the Heat tonight which is pretty awesome.

So the Knicks have 8 games to go. I would like to see more winning and grinning so I have some requests for the Knicks upcoming opponents. The Knicks should be starting to adjust to each other and finding chemistry. Since they are not really doing that, I would like to request that their opponents adjust to the Knicks style of play in order to give the Knicks a better chance to win those games.

Dear Upcoming Opponents,

  1. Please do not use the pick and roll against us.  We do not understand it. Switching on defense is like calculus to us and we do not understand calculus, especially Amare, who did not even go to college.
  2. Please drink half a bottle of NyQuil mid-way through the 3rd quarter so we have the same energy level to start the 4th quarter.
  3. When we go to isolation on offense (and that is about 70% of all plays we run) could you please not cover Amare or Carmelo with more than two players. It is not fair when you cover them with three or four players because you know they will not pass the ball.
  4. If we start a possession, especially a fast break with an incredibly ill-advised 3-point attempt (by say Billups or Douglas) could you please give us the rebound and let us have a do-over?
  5. If you are on offense against us please do not stand under the basket wide open and wait for someone to pass you the ball. We would have a much better chance in games if players would stop doing that against us.
  6. We get it, your big men can out rebound us and you can get second and third chances on offense. But, please limit yourselves to just second chances. It was like when I was a kid and my Dad kept getting all the rebounds on his missed shots. You are taller and it is not fair.
  7. If Carmelo and Amare think they were fouled on offense and no foul was called, please hold up your offensive possession until Carmelo and Amare are done arguing with officials.
  8. Please have a player on your team cover Jarred Jeffries. It is unfair that you do not have to cover him on offense.
  9. Please do not hurt Chauncey or any of our other players. We are fragile and barely have enough to have a normal rotation.
  10. And, if you have an extra 7 footer you are not playing, can we borrow him for the playoffs?

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