Holy Crap: Knicks WIN!!! despite playing their worst first half of the season, and I barely survive the roller coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Knicks were absolutely atrocious in the first half. Their offense looked fine but their defense was flat out offensive. My throat hurt after the first half from screaming at the tv. The Knicks literally did not play defense during the first half. Boxing out was a truly foreign concept. They gave up 68 points to the New Jersey Nets in the first half. I repeat they gave up 68 goddamn points to the offensively challenged Nets in the first half. If I had to drink a shot of beer every time the Knicks blew a defensive assignment during the first half I would have drank so much that my future grandkids would be drunk.

THEN SOMETHING CHANGED. I do not know what the Knicks coaching staff said at halftime but I assume it was something like this, “We have kidnapped your wives and children and we will hold a mass execution at the conclusion of this game if you lose.” The Knicks played intense in the second half. They only allowed a reasonable 48 points from from the Nets in the second half. Carmelo was ferocious on defense. Jared Jeffries and Shelden Williams proved their pay checks were not just some form of charity. The Knicks hustled and worked together. It was awesome!!!

  • Billups, Amare and Carmelo combined for 95 of the 120 points scored tonight. Do we rename this team the New York Heat?
  • Shelden Williams had three huge dunks in a row and Anthony Carter fed him the ball every time. If you told me one player would have three dunks in a row tonight for the Knicks, Shelden would have been my 13th guess.
  • Speaking of Anthony Carter, apparently he is the only PG on this team that knows how to run the D’Antoni offense.
  • Carmelo is flat out an all star. He played awesome tonight with 39 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. This may not be Amare’s team anymore.
  • Does anyone know what Roger Mason did to play himself back out of this rotation? Does anyone know how many players have to suffer season ending injuries for Derrick Brown to get playing time?
  • Did you know that Kris Humphries has been in the league since 2004? I do not know how he suddenly became good after floundering for so long.

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