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Episode 43 – All Time Knicks Fantasy Draft

Be sure to check out out post on podcast where we did our all time (post 1990) Knicks team draft and vote on who has the better team (in the poll on the top of the main page). Posting this one more time, we’ll have a new poll up shortly and our next podcast (probably an angry one) should be out tomorrow night.

More thoughts from last night

Carmelo willing to shoot less…but is he willing to play defense?



Do I blame D'Antoni too much for the Knicks defensive problems?

Knickerblogger disagrees. It is not D’Antoni’s fault as his roster just lacks talented defenders.

Definitely an interesting argument. I just think there is more D’Antoni could do with this team. There always just seem to be so many players open under the basket, so many uncontested offensive rebounds and so many easy lay-ups. So many players seem to have career nights against the Knicks these days. I just question how much D’Antoni is focusing on defense with this team.  I do, however, completely agree he can only do so much with this roster. In particular, the knicks roster is screaming for big men who could clog the middle and get rebounds. No defensive genius could magically turn anyone on this roster into the center they desperately need.

Carmelo + Amare = Indiana Dominance

One cool thing about last season was that I could always look on stubhub the day of the Knicks game and get two tickets for like $20. I could do this because the team sucked. I guess D’Antoni is hoping to help me buy cheap tickets again by producing another awful team.

I know this game was close and things do not always work out but this team is just not that great. How do you get swept in a two game set by the Pacers? Is this why we got Carmelo and Amare? D’Antoni can’t be the coach of this team next year.  I don’t care that the Knicks basically have a new team with chemistry issues, you can’t lose these games. You have to have a coach that knows how to emphasize defense. D’Antoni either doesn’t understand defense or doesn’t care.  How can this team be continually so unprepared on the defensive end?

  • Last play of the game: why doesn’t Carmelo know you can’t catch and shoot with 0.3 seonds? Why is Jared Jeffries of all people throwing this important pass in? Why not have a better set play? At least Landry realized you need to tip it in.
  • In the post game interview D’Antoni said Shawne Williams did everything he could defending Granger. While you have to give props to Granger for hitting a tough shot, Williams could have done more. He could have actually been in Granger’s face instead of allowing him to step back for an open shot. He could have and should have forced Granger to go left.
  • If you score 117 points you should win. I am fairly certain that with any coach this team would have one of the better offenses in the league. When you have so much natural offensive talent, you need to emphasize defense. This team will never lead the league in defense but if they could be middle of the pack they would be dangerous.
  • Last game Hansbrough had a season high 29 points, tonight he had 30 points. I bet Hansbrough wishes he could play the Knicks every night.
  • Hibbert again looked like a beast. Collison looked awesome. Granger looked like Kobe. I guess you need to start calling this the Knick Effect. When good players look like hall of famers, it is called the Knick Effect.
  • Billups looked old tonight and you can see why Denver was eager to move him. He will, however, be a good tutor for Toney Douglas. He also is still good but he is no longer great.
  • Amare and Carmelo combined for 49 points…who cares if this is in a losing effort. Amare needs to play better D, or should I say he needs to play D.
  • Frazier keeps lamenting about the lack of boxing out and how it is a forgotten art. He is right. I wish he had D’Antoni’s phone number.
  • On a positive note, Jared Jeffries tied his season high with 4 points. That was a pretty unexpected offensive explosion.


George Karl Simply Won't Stop Criticizing Ex-Girlfriend

We get it already. You are happy he is gone. Life is so much better now. If you had to do it over again you would have traded Carmelo for a pair of high tops just to get him out of Denver.

Barkley calls the Knicks out

words like disgrace and worst defensive team ever seem to get just thrown around these days.

Knickerblogger continues every Knicks fan’s favorite obsession, trying to figure out if this Carmelo thing is working.

The Denver Nuggets post-Carmelo move up the power rankings only because analysts tend to put an overemphasis on actually winning.

Is Andy Rautins getting any better by not playing?

The Knicks are not winning the title this year. It is a fact, not a shocker and no fan will be disappointed when the Knicks do not win it. The Knicks are unlikely to go far in the playoffs and most fans will likely be happy if they can just push the first round to 7 games. The bar will be much higher next year when we have a full year of Carmelo and Amare plus possibly a few good pick-ups in the off-season. Knicks fans may not expect to win it next year but they do expect to at least go far in the playoffs.

So, how will the Knicks go from a good team to a great team. They will need to work on their chemistry. They will also need to develop the players around them. They will need a solid bench that can really help them compete the way Big Baby Davis makes the Celtics better or Jason Terry makes the Mavs better. They will also obviously need to get better on defense (but we will not focus on that now).

Where am I going with this? Well the Knicks are not going anywhere this year and unless things fall apart greatly they will at least make the playoffs. Why not use the rest of the season to find out what we have on the bench? Why not give Rautins, Derek Brown and Balkman some playing time? I am not saying these guys deserve to start or that we should give Carmelo a night off but why not run a larger rotation.  Why not give them 10 minutes a night a see if they can earn more minutes especially on nights when their starters suck like last night against the Pacers. Not every game is a must win where your starters need to play 40 minutes when you know you are not going to win it all anyway.

Why not have a longer term approach? Andy Rautins is not getting much better by sitting out for a year. No one would argue Landry Fields would have been better off riding the bench all year. Roger Mason is not playing better lately because he sat on his butt for the first 60 games of the year. Why not give some playing times to guys that could be good role players next year and in the future. Let’s see if some of these players deserve a roster spot next year. If Derek Brown is not good enough to get a look this year, why would he suddenly be good enough next year and why even waste a roster spot on him.

I understand these players practice and D’Antoni sees them there. The players do learn a lot in practice (at least on the offensive side) but it is hard to believe that just practicing without a chance to compete in real games will really develop these players into valuable pieces for the future.

Who’s Better?

Raymond Felton has stated that the Nuggets are a better team than the Knicks.

It’s a very interesting experiment because Denver is pretty  much the Knicks plus a big man and another PG, AKA our plan B if we didn’t get Carmelo.  It’s only been 11 games since the trade but it’s been hard to argue for the Knicks so far.  The Nuggets are 7-2 since the trade and one of those losses was a 1 point loss in overtime.

So what do you think?

Why Coach D'Antoni will never lead us to the promised land.

Defense wins titles, while offense does not make up for lousy defense.

Knicks Announce Lack of Interest in the 5th Seed With Tonight's Performance

The Knicks looked freakin awful today. They came out slow and unemotional and never looked back. The Knicks shot contested shot after contested shot while Indiana was wide open for half their shots. They showed today what all Knicks fans know, when this team’s shot is off they can’t do anything to make up for it on the other end of the court.

  • While Danny Granger sat tonight, Tyler “Kareem” Hansbrough dominated.
  • Roy “Bill Russell” Hibbert turned Amare into his bitch as he basically shut him down on the inside.
  • There were no positives on the Knicks side. Carmelo did not score his first points in the second half until 3:30 to go in the game. T.Douglas shot 1-12 including missing his first 9 from the field. As a team they shot 7-30 from 3 point land which means they should have stopped shooting 3 pointers at some point.
  • Billups return reminded us that he is old and not our future at point guard.
  • There were times when Jared Jeffries and Turiaf where on the floor at the same time. This should never happen. They are literally anti-offense. You can’t have two guys on the floor that are this bad at offense at the same time. Turiaf would get the ball, the defense would leave him completely alone and he refused to even shoot. Watching Jeffiries you wonder if he even hits his lay-ups during pre-game warm ups.
  • It seemed like every time the Knicks went down the floor they had to work so hard for each basket. Every time they went inside they were contested. They needed to open the floor up with say mid-range jumpers. When the inside is not there Amare should start shooting jumpers because he is pretty good at that and why D’antoni doesn’t tell him this is a mystery.
  • When the Knicks look so sluggish why not put a high energy guy like Derek Brown in or even see what Rautins can do.
  • Chris Paul is not the answer for this team. They need a more balanced attack and probably a new coach. Strangling your ability to balance out the roster with another max contact makes no sense. Miami is doing it unsuccessfully and no one in their right mind would argue Carmelo, Amare +Deron or Paul is better than Lebron, Wade & Bosh.
  • On a side note, The Celtics are better than the Bucks.

Episode 45: Fan Appreciation

Today we talk about the potential strike and the actual footbal strike, how to improve the NBA, technical fouls, and the games against the Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks  Download Episode 45