I would like to congratulate the Boston Referees on a great victory tonight…oh and the Celtics played well too

Maybe others will disagree but I thought there was a lot of home court cooking going on here by the refs. There was an early second foul on Carmelo that was invisible and then the last foul on Carmelo at the end of the game was absurd. Pierce was basically humping Carmelo and Carmelo tries to get Pierce off him. This was quite a game deciding ticky tac foul that would not have been called on the home team at that point in the game in a million years. Then to prove that point Pierce has the ball on offense, right before Ray Allen hits a dagger of a three, and Pierce basically shoves a player off of him and no foul is called. If the foul is never called on Carmelo there is a good chance we would have had a much happier recap.

End of the day:

  • Carmelo was flat out off tonight and missed a bunch of shots he should not have even taken.
  • Chauncey was the ultimate momentum killer. Every time the Knicks would make a good play on defense, Billups would jack up an ill advised shot. If Billups is going to play PG he needs to concentrate on looking for other players to get them involved. We can’t win with a me-first PG. If he plays like this the rest of the series he will have played himself off the team for next year.
  • The Knicks played some freakin D tonight. D’Antoni actually earned the first letter of his name tonight. We floated a theory during  the game that D’Antoni purposely instructed his team not to play defense all season as part of a grand conspiracy to surprise teams come playoff time.
  • Amare came up huge. I am betting the extra rest helped him. He shot some great jumpers and avoided trying to force to many drives to the paint. He also looked like he could take Big Baby to school all day.
  • Ronny Turiaf came up huge on offense and defense. I really hope he can keep this up. Jeffries looked okay on defense but he is too horrendous on offense to keep out there. I would have loved to see Shelden Williams be given a chance but it looks like he will not be leaving the bench this series.
  • Landry Fields DNP…I think???
  • The Celtics played well. Allen was super clutch. Jermaine O’Neal partied like it was 2004. And, Rondo may have shot poorly but he grabbed 9 rebounds and 9 assists. Rondo did a good job of getting the other Celtics involved (I hope you were taking notes Chauncey).

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