Knicks excited to start summer vacation!!!

You know when you have worked non-stop and you just need a vacation badly. The Knicks sure do. This season has been a grind and, being that they are all relatively young millionaires, they have some exciting vacations planned. The Knicks sure looked like they couldn’t wait to go on vacation today…until Anthony Carter shamed them into playing. Based on how the Knicks played today, the only reason the Knicks lost this series 4-0 was because the NBA would not allow the Knicks to call it a series after losing the first 3 games.

Based on how gifted an offensive mind D’Antoni is, it is amazing how slow and ineffective his offense looked all series. The Knicks looked better on defense than they looked on offense which is shocking. Their offensive game planned seemed to be:

1) move the ball slowly up court waiting for the defense to set up, then

2) Force the ball into Amare or Carmelo (preferably if they are double teamed), make sure to give the ball to them as far away from the basket as possible.


3) Pass the ball to teammate who will jack up a three.

4) Repeat. Please avoid pick and rolls, screens and anything that would get players more open as we prefer the isolation challenge.

Is it bizarre that in the last game for the Knicks this season, the only two players who had a positive plus/minus where Anthony Carter and Roger Mason, two guys who barely played for this team in the regular season?

I guess this is a season. The Celtics looked great. They are a tough team and the Knicks looked like they need to really develop a full team if they are going to have a shot at beating anyone in the playoffs next year.  Have a great vacation Knicks, and I hope D’Antoni and, especially Billups have long extended vacations that do not involve a return to the Knicks.



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