Knicks Interested in Kurt Thomas

It has been reported that the Knicks are interested in Kurt Thomas

Ironically he would be our first real center since….Kurt Thomas!  I say why not?  He can still play decent defense and he can still shoot the midrange jumper..  I’d feel better about Kurt at the 5 than I would having Amar’e bang in the paint on his shaky knees all season.  He’d be a relatively cheap option as well.


Final Thoughts on the 2010-11 NBA Season Part 1

So the 2010-11 season has finally come to an end.  If the NBA is going to miss part of all of a season, and it’s looking like that will be the case, then I’m glad our last taste of NBA action for a while was a good one.

The season began months before any games were played with this along with a number of other big names switching teams such as Stoudemire, Boozer, and Bosh.  We even got our first truly hated team since the Bad Boy Pistons with this.

Things get even more interesting after some huge trade deadline moves such as Carmelo Anthony getting traded to the Knicks and Deron Williams getting trades to the Nets.  All of this culminated in a very intriguing playoffs.  It was the old guard making their last stand (San Antonio, Boston, Dallas) vs the up and comers (Oklahoma City, Chicago, Memphis), the Knicks making the playoffs for the first time in 7 yeas, the Lakers trying to threepeat and the Heat trying to live up to the hype.

As great as it was for the fans it wasn’t as fun for a few teams.  Lets take a look back at how each team fared. Continue reading

Steve Nash for Chauncey Billups

There have been a bunch of rumors going around saying there might be a trade between the Suns and the Knicks with the main pieces being Steve Nash for Chauncey Billups.

Don't get excited Knicks fans, he'll still be with the Suns next season.

This is never going to happen so don’t get your hopes up Knicks fans.  Billups is three years younger than Nash and scores a few more points a game, but they are both in the last year of their contracts and Nash is still playing at a higher level. Continue reading

Episode 75: Happy Meta World Peace Day

We cover the draft, all the trades made during the draft, some Knicks rumors, Pippen backtracking from saying LeBron is better than Jordan, the man previously known as Ron Artest, and some other rumors around the league.  Download Episode 75

A Few More Thoughts on the Finals

Outlook going forward:

Assuming Dallas can resign Chandler they are in very good shape for next year. Remember, Butler, Haywood and Beaubois will all either be back next year or traded for new pieces. Since we have no idea lets assume they all stay. Haywood gives you more productive minutes than Mahimni, Butler starts and you have Marion coming off the bench and Peja can do what he did in game 6 and watch, and Beaubois can play the point, giving Kidd the opportunity to play less than 30 minutes a game. Everyone is fresh for the playoffs and they have another big scorer in Butler in crunchtime. Don’t sleep on these guys next year either. Long-term they have some big contracts coming off the books in Butler and Kidd after next season and can either give starting roles to Beaubois , Brewer and/or Barea or have the cap space to bring in new/younger talent. Continue reading

Finals Grades

I’d like to start off by giving a big congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks.

Perfect ending

They surprised just about everyone all throughout the playoffs. They showed a mental and defensive toughness that no one thought was possible. If there is going to be a prolonged strike I’m glad we had such a feel-good story to close this chapter in the NBA out on. From Jason Kidd winning on his 3rd trip to the finals, to Peja and Marion getting a ring after some questionable and controversial exits in the playoffs, to Terry getting the trophy tattooed on his arm, to Dirk beating the team that beat him in ’06 and moving up a few notches in the pantheon of all-time greats.

Time to give out some grades for the finals. I’ll start with the winners, the Dallas Mavericks:

Dirk Nowitzki – Played with a torn tendon in his finger, played with a 101 fever, played through constant double-teams and never once complained. Dominated the 4th quarter in every game, even when he had a terrible 1st three quarters in game 6 he scored the Mavs last 10 points in the series clincher. I can’t think of a more deserving finals MVA. GRADE – A+ Continue reading

Episode 74: How Does My Dirk Taste?

We have a winner.  Martin joins us on the show as we break down the Mavs series clinching win over the Heat, the crying aftewards, our top 5 things LeBron is good at, and end it with the newest Knicks rumor….Bonzi Wells……  Download Episode 74

Episode 73: Three Quarters

Game 5 of the finals, Rashard Lewis and LeBrons girlfriend, The Heat making fun of Dirk, Top 5 LeBron jokes, Ewing has head coach of the Knicks, Knicks draft.  Download Episode 73

Episode 72: The Flu

We obviously talk about games 3 and 4 of the finals.  2 Heated minutes.  What went right and wrong for both teams.  More on LeBron.  Some Knicks talk.  Download Episode 72

Episode 71: Walsh, Shaq and Dirk

Looks like Walsh is not going to be the Knicks GM anymore.  We debate if this was a good move or not and what the future of the Knicks looks like.  2 heated minutes is back!  We talk about the first two games of the finals including the Mavs amazing comeback in game 2 and also make our predictions for the rest of the series.  Shaq retires.  We rank our top 5 all time centers and figure out where Shaq fits into it.  Download Episode 71