Knicks vs Heat 5/6/12 – Game 4 gamethread

Will this be the last game of the season?  We went a game without losing a player to injury, will we bring that streak to 2?  I’ll start this thread out on a positive note; we weren’t the first team to get eliminated from the playoffs.  Thank you Dallas!

18 thoughts on “Knicks vs Heat 5/6/12 – Game 4 gamethread

  1. I promised myself I wouldn’t get angry when Miami flops. But when Miller fell over after moving into Harrellson, I couldn’t help it.


  2. Do we need to bring in a coach to teach players how to set picks? We’ve been getting called for about 5 moving screens a game this series.


  3. I was kind of expecting Eric Spolstra to say, “I want to go on a run before the half. I want to see guys hustling and diving. Seriously, if there is any contact, take a dive. We got this.”


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