Episode 134: Moving right along

We have a quick debate about whether LeBron is the greatest ever, we make sure not to talk about the series that shall never be mentioned again, we break down the 3 trades that have gone down this week, talk about the upcoming draft, Lin and Novak, JR Smith opting out of his contract and Amare’s latest embarrassment.  Download Episode 134


Upcoming 2012 Knicks Draft prospects

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Once again it’s time for the New York Knicks to dive into the “Not Fixed” NBA Draft, but in order to go forward into the draft. Let’s take a look back and see what the Knicks have selected from past NBA drafts.

2011-Iman Shumpert-Georgia Tech 1st rd pick 17
Strengths: good penetrator, great defender
Weaknesses: shot selection, consistent jump shot

Iman is the man as far as I am concerned, he brings an edge to the Knicks team of grit and hustle, he throws his body on the line constantly, now if he can only stop injuring himself, he will have an even more productive year.

2010-Landry Fields-Stanford 2nd rd pick 39
Strengths: ok defender, good off the bench.
Weaknesses: lapses on defense.

Think he lost a lot of confidence when Carmelo came to the Knicks, but he amazingly seems to play better with Jeremy Lin. Continue reading

Episode 133: At least the Knicks didn’t lose

We talk about some old veterans the knicks can sign, Phil Jackson’s comment about the Knicks, Jeremy Lin, Bird rights, oh and the NBA finals.  We have a few comments about the finals and you can probably guess they aren’t very positive.  Download Episode 133

Episode 132: Celtic Resurgence

We mostly talk about the Celtics vs Heat series.  Will their coach be fired?  Will they break up the big 3?  We have a big debate about whether we will welcome a Wade for Stoudemire trade.  Predictions for the Spurs vs Thunder series.  We end the show talking about some old, injured veterans the Knicks can sign.  Download Episode 132