Knicks vs Pacers – 1-10-13 – Game Thread

Melo is suspended tonight, JR was on twitter at 4am, this should be interesting.  Comment below as the game goes on.

37 thoughts on “Knicks vs Pacers – 1-10-13 – Game Thread

  1. The officiating is not the same at both ends but at least the Knicks have kept their composure. Melo would have a technical by now.

  2. I wonder if the refs would still seem bad if I were a fan of a different team. Maybe I’m just biased and expect every call to go our way.

  3. Kick ball to transition dunk. Hibbert then makes no contact with the ball but the refs think its a clean block on Tyson’s attempt. 5-0 run. sigh.

  4. Kidd with yet another sloppy turnover. Is it weird that he has struggled to play the point? He seems to only thrive as the 2 guard this year.

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