Pre-Game Notes from Knicks vs. Bulls, October 31st

by Anish Philip (@da_k0mish) – new contributor here on the New York Knicks Podcast website

Chicago is one of the favorites to dethrone the Heat in the Eastern Conference. They had a rocky start in Miami, and will be motivated to bounce back in a big way. That, plus Derrick Rose’s return, will have the Madhouse on Madison rocking to start.

Knicks’ turnovers nearly cost them the game against a far less competitor in their home opener. Woodson needs to right the ship, because the best quality the Knicks possessed last year was taking care of the ball.

Last year, the Bulls swept the series 4-0. 3 of those games were blowouts.

Komz keys to the game:

A. Run as much as you can. Let’s see theses Bulls keep up that defense in the final 5 mins after running a track meet. Continue reading


KNICKS WIN!!! Knicks fan call for seconds on their heart medication.

  • Oh, we are up by 20, this is fun, this is easy…goddamn it, I forgot these are the Knicks.
  • Did the Knicks flip a coin as to whether to get the 2nd quarter or the 3rd quarter off?
  • Wow, can’t figure out why Toronto wanted to get Bargs out of town so badly?
  • Woodson said in his postgame presser that Bargs needs to find his niche. I think he has found his niche, lead killer.
  • Speaking of my new found hate for Bargs, is Cole Aldrich really that bad that we are better off having Bargs at Center??? I think I am ready to play Chris Smith at Center over Bargs at this point.
  • I feel bad for Beno as his plus/minus looks real bad only bc he was forced to play with Bargs every time out there. Continue reading

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Jay’s 2013 Eastern Conference Preview

Jay’s 2013 Eastern Conference Preview

Paul George and LeBron James

The Riggin’ For Wiggins Bracket

15. Philadelphia 76’ers – How excited are you if you’re a Philly fan that your team gutted its roster for a 25% chance at getting supposed first pick in next year’s NBA draft, Andrew Wiggins. Highlights of the season will be game 1 when Allen Iverson will have his retirement ceremony (remember he retired, it clearly was not that he couldn’t find a job) and the last few weeks of the season when they could be serious challengers for worst record of all time.

14. Charlotte Bobcats – The soon to be Hornets have had 8 top 10 draft picks in 9 years and have never drafted an all-star. Every year their strategy seems to be ‘tank and get a high draft pick’ yet they suck at drafting. Well congrats Charlotte, the acquisition of Al Jefferson will probably boost your record just enough so that you won’t get the number one pick, guaranteeing you’ll screw up whatever pick you do get.

The We Suck But Not As Hard As The Last Bracket Bracket


13. Toronto Raptors – After trying to give away Andrea Bargnani last season, the Raptors managed to get two players who are even less effective in Tyler Hansbrough and Steve Novak. At least they have a bunch of inefficient ball stoppers. Continue reading

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It’s Only Preseason

“Its only the preseason” is the claim that many will make regarding the perfect shift Iman Shumpert put in during the Knicks opening preseason game versus Boston on Wednesday night.  For those of us who have been watching Knicks basketball for years, it was confirmation of what we have been whispering for over a year.  Iman Shumpert is ready to take the next step into stardom in the NBA.
Shump was flawless from the field, going 7-7 including 3 from behind the arc.  The most encouraging improvement is his shot selection.  There were many times early in the game when a younger Shumpert would have forced a shot or had one of those pointless drives into the paint.  On Wednesday night, Shumpert drove and created, making plays happen for his teammates.  How many years has it been since the Knicks has possessed a player with a solid combination speed and scoring ability?

Optimism and the Knicks

Optimism, defined as:

A tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation”

Of course this word has strayed from the dictionary of Knicks fans in recent years, but you can’t deny the last three years have offered more cause for optimism than any other in the post-Ewing era. I suppose to a certain extent then we should feel lucky that what was a consistently sinking ship of a team year upon year under the direction of Isiah Thomas has now turned into what is expected of a New York franchise; big players, big results, and most importantly of all, big ambitions. Furthermore, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the last two years of the Melo trade have been disappointing given the reasonably swift post-season exits, because when it’s all said and done, there has been improvement. In 2011-12 the Knicks achieved a .545 regular season win percentage, and in 2012-13 a .659 win percentage; the improvement is clear to see, losing in five games to the current NBA champions Miami Heat is hardly an embarrassment, and even losing to the Pacers in the conference semi’s is understandable given Roy Hibbert’s inexplicably high level of play against a banged up Tyson Chandler and a makeshift center in Kenyon Martin.

More of the same please Shump

More of the same please Shump

he point I am trying to make, is that this year, more than any other year, we have reason to be optimistic about the Knicks. Continue reading

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