Jay and Marc are two bitter Knicks fans who talk everything NBA including games, rumors, transactions, fantasy basketball, and random thoughts that may or may not even relate to basketball.

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  1. Here are some reasons carmelo hesitated at half court during wizards game.
    -He thought a timeout was called.
    -He was expecting a timeout to be called.
    -He thought about passing to Andrea Bargnani and had to slow down to safely breathe through his laughter.
    -He thought about passing to Beno Udrih, slowed down to let him catch up but realized he wouldn’t reach the 3-point line until early Tuesday morning.
    -He remembered Chris Smith is taking up a roster spot while the team has Udrih as its only healthy point guard.
    -Jabari Parker, yo.
    -He loves seeing Knicks bloggers on twitter following a tough loss.
    -He figured out who the mole in the front office is.
    -Burying the team’s record lower and lower makes the eventual championship run that much more memorable.


  2. Do you think Detroit Piston is going to be the best team in the East this season? Their starter is solid. Their bench is not bad. Reggie Jackson score 40 pts and drummond grab 27board 29pts last night. KCP is a great defender and a decent scorer, and marcus morris look better than his bro so far.


  3. Really dig the show dudes. Just started listening in on my hour commutes to the city every day. Im a knicks fan of epic proporiton and find myself frequently chiming in as though you miight hear me from my car. And on a respectful side not, I seem to know more about the new players than you gentlemen do. FEEL FREE TO CONFIRM THAT WITH ME on your podcast, ide love to talk knicks with you.

    The knicks seem more talked about and looked at skeptically more than many other teams with similar issues and I need some logic to this.

    Two questions/thoughts; hope to hear your take:

    Exhibit 1.
    Mike Conley was a hot commodity this past off season and got himself a 20million-ish contract. A guy who for lack of a better term, has problems staying healthy. He missed serious amount of games last year and ended season with a very Mike Conley-esque stat line of about 15 pts 6 assist. If im not wrong Mark Gasol also hit the salary jackpot recently as well and spent a bit of time classin’ up the bench in his suit, not playing. -No one seems to bring up the concerns of “Oh man, I wonder if Conley and Gasol are gonna be the same player when they heal? I wonder how many games theyre gonna miss this season? Why did we pay max contracts to injury prone players?

    So on that note …Does everyone(sports analysts included) just have less respect for derrick rose and Brandon Jennings as players and seemingly disregard both of these guys extremely impressive career stat lines? Brandon Jennings has been a CAREER 15+ppg guard through the entirety of his NBA life until he was injured. Why is Brandon Jennings expected to suddenly turn to shit after his injury but thats not even a consideration people have about conley? Why does one get the hall pass and not the other. DId they not put up very similar stats year to year when both of them were playing full seasons? Is there logic in this or am I just a bitter knick fan? Oh yeah, and Jennings was bout 16million dollars cheaper. hmmm

    Exhibit 2:
    Derrick rose averaged more points last season at 70percent health then mike conley playing his normal stat lines, and Rose was looked at as disappointment. Well shit, ill take any 17ppg point guard on my team. I bet most nba teams would too. Hes only getting more and more healthy and primed for this upcoming season. Is Derrick Rose just an inevitably destined disappointment forced to chase some bullshit ghost of a breakout season where he was averaging mvp stats? Seems like if he stays healthy long term, Which is more than possible, and puts up respectable numbers similar to last years, He will never get the acknowledgement the poor bastard is damn well owed. 17ppg 5 assists are numbers to savor for a Knicks PG. Get in touch with me if you need me to come on the show and pronounce each players name on the roster for you, I Know them all! Ill give you guys a good dose of knowledge,objection,speculation, and general banter.


    Stefan ( Ste-FAN


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