Episode 560 – Jekyll and Hyde

Marc and Jay talk about the Hawks and Hornets games, Obi, trade rumors, and listener questions

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Episode 559: Cam Reddish Trade Reaction

Marc and Jay react to the Cam Reddish trade and talk about the Mavs game

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Episode 558: Thumbs, Dunks, and Wins

Marc and Jay talk about the last 4 games, Randle’s thumbs down, Obi’s dunk, the point guard debate, offensive strategy, and more

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Episode 557: Randle Out, Young Guys Back

Marc and Jay talk about the state of the team, the Knicks without Randle and Robinson, Obi Toppin first start, past weeks game and upcoming schedule

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Episode 556: Kemba Rising

Marc and Jay talk about the past weeks events, Kemba Walker resurgence, Rose injury, lineups, and the schedule for the rest of the season

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Episode 555: Health and Safety Protocols

Marc and Jay talk about the last week of games, everyone is out, some rumored drama behind the scenes, Marc plays an over/under game with Jay, and more

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Episode 554: Time for Some Changes

Marc and Jay talk about this last week, changes in the starting lineup, players regressing, trade rumors, Grimes big night, Curry breaking the all time 3 point record, and much more

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Episode 553: 5 Trades

Marc and Jay recap the last weeks worth of games and then each come up with 5 trades that would make the Knicks better

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Episode 552: Kemba Walker

Marc and Jay break down the Kemba Walker news, what that means for him going forward, was it justified, what the new rotation will look like, and more

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2021/22 New York Knicks Player Power Rankings – Week 7

A 2-1 week with the loss going to the Suns who were on a 14 game win streak at the time. 11-9 25% into the season, how are we feeling?
Rank Player Comments Last Weeks Rank
1 Burks, Alec Burks has been the most consisten player for weeks now. Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, he was very dependable last season as well. He got his first start of the season with Walker and Rose out and looked good in the starting unit. 2
2 Fournier, Evan Look who decided to catch fire the day after I dropped him from my fantasy team! 7
3  Immanuel, Quickley Two straight solid weeks from IQ, maybe we can ease off the panic button…just a little. 4
4 Toppin, Obi Other than the Suns game Toppin continues to play well, however his 3 point percentage is down to 18%. 3
5 Randle, Julius How good can the Knicks be when their best player has 1 good game a week? 5
6 Robinson, Mitchell Mitch came back from his 37th injury of the season and looked OK, still can’t do anything on offense except dunk though. 6
7 Rose, Derrick Last week I said you can count on Rose to show up every night. I should have added (when he’s not inured). Hopefully he’s back soon, he’s been the Knicks best player for most of the season. 1
8 Barrett, RJ A mediocre week from RJ. Sadly that’s good enough for his 2nd best week. 8
9  Grimes, Quentin Grimes got to play the last 3 games. Didn’t really move the needle in either direction, but the next few guys below him moved the needle in the wrong direction so he moves up by default. 13
10  Noel, Nerlens HE’S INJURED AGAIN?!?!?!?! 10
11  Gibson, Taj How many games has there been where all 3 of the Knicks centers have been healthy? 11
12 McBride, Miles I thought with Walker and Rose out we’d see more Grimes and McBride. I was wrong. 14
13 Sims, Jericho If the 4th string center still didn’t get much run with 2 of the 3 guys below him out, the Knicks should send him to the G league to get some run. 12
14 Walker, Kemba I feel bad. Kemba was so excited to play in NY. He just doesn’t have it anymore though. The stats speak for themselves, the Knicks are #1 in the league on defense when Kemba sits and dead last when he plays. 9
15 Knox, Kevin We had a Knox sighting! On the actual basketball court! During a game! 15