One on One: Free Agency

Emails back and forth between Jay and Marc about the Lakers, Mavs and Pistons:

Marc:  u in favor of getting meta world peace? i think he would be a huge addition

Jay:  I was actually about to ask you that.  I’d hate to root for him but he’d be one of our better bench players and depending on JR’s partying after his new contract maybe our best bench player.  I still think we need a new coach.

Marc:  best bench player, he MWP would start for us. MWP at SF with Carmelo at PF? problem is he has to clear waivers and i doubt he will. as far as new coach, i agree but it is not happening unless they play truly mediocre basketball.

Jay: Why would the lakers even do that?  I could see if they wanted to make room for a free agent but all the good ones have been signed.

Marc:  next year’s draft is supposed to be a good one. save money now, who knows, weird strategy since this only makes them worse. Continue reading


One on One: Celtics and Nets Trade

One on one will be a new recurring segment of our website (assuming people like it) where Jay and Marc exchange emails for a quick reaction on current NBA happenings.  Our first One on One will be about the Nets and Celtics Blockbuster trade:

Marc:  Do you think there is a chance the nets turn around and trade garnett to the clippers and would stern kill that in a heartbeat?

Jay: Slight chance, but who would the Nets want?  Celts wanted Jordan but the Nets have Lopez.  Either way I think Stern kills any trade that moves Garnett or Pierce to the Clips.  He loves nixing Clippers trades.

If this trade happens does that put the Knicks ceiling at a 5th seed and 1st round loss to the Bulls?

Marc: Someone on fb made a point that the nets would be going all in for next season but then having no draft pick every other year for a while, which is basically the hell the knicks are in. so, if they dont win next season they are in rebuilding hell but kind of worth the gamble. problem really is this nets team would be highly unlikely to be healthy come playoff time.

Jay:  True.  I think this team gets a lot of regular season wins (3rd behind Indiana and Miami) but still doesn’t get past the 2nd round, even if they are healthy.  I think the spacing with Lopez and Garnett might be weird too.

Marc: I feel like the knicks have surprised me the last two off seasons and got me excited. first by acquiring chandler and then by acquiring a bunch of old dudes i for some reason got excited about. so, going into next season, any chance in hell we are excited? it seems to me that we go into next season with a worse roster and just need to pray?

Jay:  Can’t say either way yet, but as of now we lost Kidd and might lose JR, Copeland, and Priggy.  At some point these minimum salary guys aren’t going to pan out and then we’ll be screwed.  So yeah not too excited at this point.  And who to we pray to?  Miami won again proving there are no basketball gods.