One on One: Free Agency

Emails back and forth between Jay and Marc about the Lakers, Mavs and Pistons:

Marc:  u in favor of getting meta world peace? i think he would be a huge addition

Jay:  I was actually about to ask you that.  I’d hate to root for him but he’d be one of our better bench players and depending on JR’s partying after his new contract maybe our best bench player.  I still think we need a new coach.

Marc:  best bench player, he MWP would start for us. MWP at SF with Carmelo at PF? problem is he has to clear waivers and i doubt he will. as far as new coach, i agree but it is not happening unless they play truly mediocre basketball.

Jay: Why would the lakers even do that?  I could see if they wanted to make room for a free agent but all the good ones have been signed.

Marc:  next year’s draft is supposed to be a good one. save money now, who knows, weird strategy since this only makes them worse.

Jay: If they are going to go into tanking mode they need to trade pau.

Marc:  if they really want to tank they should swap him for amare and let dantoni do his thing.

Jay: I was thinking that.  Is it next year or the year after that all the big free agents have an opt out clause?  If it’s only a year away amare won’t get traded, but if it’s 2 years away they could do that to give appearances of trying while secretly tanking.

Marc:  i think after next season. i hope lebron does another decision show on espn followed by a parade in his honor.

Jay:  And at this point he’d still be hated less than Dwight.  When do you think people will realize he doesn’t have an offensive game?  I thought shaq was 1 dimensional with his dunks until I saw Dwight play.

Marc:  the thing i like about that move is houston does not have to win this year. howard is now the oldest guy on that team. and they have cap space. i think they will do well this year but could be a real contender in a year or two. howard was also smart to get out of LA. i still dislike him but i agree with his move.

and on houston, if he scores 20 a game that will be fine. they have enough scoring though it would be nice if he could actually figure out some low post moves. I really wonder what they will get for Asik. Seems like he could command some value from whatever team doesnt land bynum.


Asik is a really good defensive center, sorta like a not injured version of chandler.  I’d love asik as my starting center.

Why can’t the knicks have done this?

1.85M/yr.  didn’t take much scouting, league mvp

And is there any player you feel worse for right now than dirk? Look at this team:

And they lost Kaman, mayo and collision and might lose wright.

Marc:  we definitely need to go over the different teams after all these moves get sorted out. a team like detroit, are they really going to get much better with Smith and this italian league guy? their hope is to be a first round out team. It would be nice though if the Knicks could add a guy like this but you never know how they will translate in the NBA. The Nets made a big deal about that european guy that added last year and he was a bust. Dirk must be in hell. Dallas is at least trying just having little success in adding guys.

Jay:  Its just that they broke up a championship team with the idea of immediately building a dynasty and have stunk since.

And who knows with the Italian league guy but for 1.8M how bad can he be?  We got some guy leslie who I’ve never heard of and he’s probably making almost as much and we’ll round out our roster with washed up old players making that much too.  How did that scouting go:

“hey commish of the Italian league who’s your best player?  Is 3M a lot of money in your country?  How would he like to play for 3M?”

Marc:  here is how the knicks scouting goes, “hey, who was on the 2006 all star team again?”


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