Episode 518: Marc Joins Long Suffering

Marc joins the Long Suffering Knicks podcast, it’s a fun episode. Spoiler alert, they talk about the Knicks.

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Episode 517: 5 Things We Like and Don’t Like

Marc and Jay talk about the last few games, gush a little bit about Randle and Thibs, and talk about 5 things they do and do not like.

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Episode 516: Roster Power Rankings

Marc, Jay, and Peter talk about the first 3 games and rank the roster based on those performances

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Episode 515: Standings Predictions and Preseason

Marc and Jay talk about the first two preseason games, and make our predictions for the standings in each conference

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Episode 514: Fantasy Draft

Jay and Martin give live commentary during the fantasy league draft , we cover pretty much every team and most players in this supersized episode

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Episode 513: Preseason Preview

Marc and Dustin talk about the latest roster moves, lineups, the long and short term plans for the Knicks, and more

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Episode 512: Deep Dive Into the Knicks Roster

Marc and Jay give their thoughts on the new Knicks roster, potential lineups, odd men out, and where the team is heading

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Episode 511: Draft Reaction

Marc didn’t look at anything before we started recording and he tries to guess the top 10 picks in the draft. His reaction to the Knicks pick is amazing.

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Episode 510: Draft Preview

Marc and Jay give their top 5 things they don’t want to hear about the player the Knicks draft. Then they talk about the players the Knicks want to draft and eventually come up with the player they think and hope the Knicks will draft.

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Episode 509: Interview with Harvey Araton

Marc and Jay talk with Hall of Famer Harvey Araton about his new book Our Last Season, his relationship with Michelle Musler, the 90’s Knicks, James Dolan, Twitter suspension, and the future of the Knicks

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