Episode 533: Game 1 Reaction

Marc and Jay are joined again by Big Data to give their reactions to game 1. What changed need to be made, how we’re feeling now that we’ve had time to think about it, the Garden crowd, Big Data has us guess the Knicks player based on stats, around the league thoughts.

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Episode 532: The Fourth Seed

Marc, Jay, and Stats Guy (Big Data) talk about the Knicks clinching the 4th seed, the matchup against the Hawks, position by position breakdown, keys to winning for both teams

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Episode 531: The Final Stretch

Marc and Jay talk about potential playoff opponents, the final four games, who we’d like to face, and some funny play in game scenarios

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Celebrating This Season

As the season winds down it’s good to remember that no matter what happens the rest of the way we should embrace what a pleasant surprise this season has been. The Knicks were picked by just about everyone to be the worst team in the league (including us). The team’s odds to make the playoffs were last seen (April 28th) at a favorable -1500 but it looks to have been removed now. However, they are a lock for the play-in tournament at +600.

Even if the Knicks fell to the play-in game and lost twice it’s still been a great ride. We’ve been through so much as Knicks fans over the 7 year playoff drought. Seven head coaches, three of the top five worst seasons in franchise history, Bargnani, fat Felton, hungover JR, Phil Jackson, Noah’s insane contract, the Porzingis drama; injuries; and trade, drafting Kevin Knox, never having a starting caliber point guard to the point where we tried to talk ourselves into point Hezonja…

This was all in the last 7 years and I could go on and on. So let’s all enjoy this moment and enjoy the fact that for the first time in a long time the Knicks are good and have the foundation to be good in the future as well.

Episode 530: Updated Roster Power Rankings

Marc and Jay talk about the beginning of the west coast trip, Randle winning player of the month, Thibs not winning coach of the month, and the updated Knicks roster power rankings

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Episode 529: Top Four

Marc and Jay talk about the Knicks 9 game winning streak, clinching the play-in game, being a top 4 seed, players to bring back, players to add in the offseason, and Jay ranks how good or bad it would have been if Knicks rumors came true

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Episode 528: Winning Again

Marc and Jay talk about the Knicks current winning streak, the evolution of Barrett, who we’d want taking the final shot, free agency rumors, and more

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Episode 527: Assessing the Situation

Marc, Jay, and Cousin Jay talk about the past week, the Nets, the last few weeks of the season, and more

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Episode 526: A few wins, Mitch Injury, trade deadline moves

Marc and Jay talk about the past weeks games, the latest injury to Mitchell Robinson, and give our thoughts on the trade deadline moves

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Episode 525: NBA refs, getting healthy, trade deadline

Marc and Jay talk bout the last 4 games, how to fix the ref situation, players finally getting healthy, and the upcoming trade deadline

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