Episode 150: Brewer in, Amare out

Jesse from thecultjar.com joins us today.  We talk about preseason, Amare’s most recent injury and what that means for the lineup, debating who out of the 16 players ranked ahead of Melo we would trade Melo for, Dwight Howard found something new to whine about and much more.  Download Episode 150

Amare Stoudemire out 2-3 Weeks

We won’t be seeing this for a while

OK we all knew he wasn’t going to play 82 games, but after missing 3 out of 4 preseason games Amare is now out for 2-3 weeks with a ruptured popliteal cyst behind his left knee.  Yes it’s the knee he had micro-fracture surgery on.  It’s not serious, but he won’t be ready for the beginning of the season.

So will Woodson do what everyone hopes and move Melo to the 4 until Amare comes back or will we see Kurt Thomas and Chris Copeland man the 4?  And how many more injuries before this officially becomes the worst contract in the NBA?

Thoughts on tonights game Knicks at Raptors 10/19/12

  • Toronto for 3….Swish. Knicks for 3….Brick. Toronto for 3…Swish.  Knicks for 3….Brick.
  • Prigioni to STAT looks very promising.
  • Kyle Lowry was acquired for a draft pick.  Kyle Lowry is also excellent.  If the Knicks ever saved a draft pick we could have gotten in on that.
  • White and Copeland can play D.
  • Amar’e still can’t.
  • I’m really happy I drafted Bargnani
  • When Melo is off no one picked up the scoring load.  This could be a recurring problem throughout the season.
  • Not that Toronto is going to be great, but there are zero BAD teams in the Atlantic division for the first time since I can remember.
  • Someone other than Chandler needs to crash the boards.

Episode 149: 3rd Annual Fantasy Draft

We go over the first two preseason games, talk about the new 90 second pre-game rule, make fun of ESPN for already having a LeBron to the Lakers article and do a top 10 next LeBron stories, talk about a few of the Knicks injury problems and then do live coverage of our fantasy league draft.  Lots of trash talking ensues.  Download Episode 149

Episode 148: Preseason

Jay and Marc are getting excited as preseason has officially begun.  Soon we can stop the speculation and talk about things that have actually happened.  For now we comment on preseason, how far this group can go, the expected tempo of play, why Jay defends the Celtics and more.  Download Episode 148

Rasheed Wallace is a Knick

So Rasheed Wallace comes out of retirement and is officially a Knick.  Yes, the same Rasheed Wallace that was overweight and washed up 2 years ago.  Once again the Knicks take a past his prime vet over developing a young player.  I hope this works out but I would have liked to have seen Copeland or one of our other young guys on the training camp roster get a shot.

Previewing the Knicks Training Camp

We’d like to welcome Jesse Schneiderman to the site, he’ll be adding pieces throughout the season.  You can see more of his work at The Cult Jar and you can follow him on twitter at @thecultjar and @JesseOneT

Training camp is upon us. They begin in October and I, like most basketball fans, are quite excited. Unfortunately, the Knicks made news this off-season for all the wrong reasons (bad personnel moves, guaranteed championships, and speaking with Isiah Thomas). Regardless, 2012-2013 is a new season and with that, fans have renewed hope. We’re not alone, though. Many roster hopefuls come to training camp hoping to make “the league” and secure a spot playing (or watching from the bench) in the World’s Most Famous Arena. Here’s a few unknown commodities, with their odds of joining the Knicks this year.

Mychel Thompson – F (6’6, 211 lbs.)
The son of former NBA star Mychal Thompson, “E” (as I’ve named him, after the only difference between his name and his father’s) is a pretty straightforward player. He can shoot the three (though he was terribly inefficient with the Cavs in five games last year) and is a pretty good athlete. If he gets hot during training camp, he has a shot. Otherwise, he’s a worse Bill Walker.
Chances of making the team: 2/5

Henry Sims – C (6’10, 251 lbs.)
Sims averaged about 12 points and 6 rebounds at Georgetown last season and is the prototypical “center with a wingspan and not much else.” He’ll always get a chance because of his size, but he’s not a good basketball player. With the signing of Marcus Camby and the news that the Knicks are looking for another established big man to bring to training camp, the future is bleak for Sims.
Chances of making the team: .01/5

John Shurna – F (6’9, 220 lbs.)
Shurna is, by all accounts, a goof. He became a legend at Northwestern for his doofy smile and excellent, albeit ugly, jump shot. (Similar to Sims, he has little chance.) He’s more athletic than he looks but a mess defensively. Do I hope he makes it? Yes. Will he? No.
Chances of making the team: 1/5

Chris Copeland – F (6’8, 225 lbs.)
Copeland, who had been playing in Belgium last year and throughout Europe since college, was the Knicks’ best player in the Summer League. He can score and has an NBA body (he’s bigger than the other forwards they’re looking at). Copeland is as close to a lock as this list has.
Chances of making the team: 4.5/5

Aside from those listed, expect Pablo Prigioni to become the oldest rookie in NBA history, the Knicks to only have one member of the Smith family on the roster come opening day (Chris is shorter and worse than big bro J.R.), and James White to turn some heads with athleticism before missing the cut.