Knick Effect 2016/17

I’m bringing the Knick Effect back.  In 2010/11,  2011/12,  2013/14,  and 2014/15 I kept a Knick Effect list.  What this is is a list of every player that has had his highest or second highest scoring game of the season against the Knicks.  I started this because it seems like every game some random guy on the bench is going off against the Knicks.  In 2010/11 there were 37 instances of the #Knickeffect and in 2011/12 there was an astounding 44.  In 2013/14 oddly enough the number went down to 31.  In 2014/15 the Knicks were back to their usual ways with 41. Lets see how long the list gets this year in the return of the #Knickeffect

Highest scoring game of the season

10/25/16 – Richard Jefferson – 13 points
10/29/16 – James Ennis – 16 points
11/5/16 – Dwyane Wade – 35 points
11/9/16 – Justin Hamilton – 21 points
11/22/16 – Ed Davis – 14 points
11/30/16 – Karl Anthony Towns – 47 points
12/9/16 – Luol Deng – 22 points
12/15/16 – Javale Mcgee – 17 points
12/31/16 – James Harden – 53 points
1/2/17 – Jodie Meeks – 23 points
1/12/17 – Cristiano Felicio  – 13 points
1/15/17 – Norman Powell – 21 points
1/16/17 – Kris Humphries – 14 points
1/18/17 – Jae Crowder – 21 points
1/29/17 – Paul Millsap – 37 points
1/31/17 – Markieff Morris – 24 points
2/10/17 – Nikola Jokic – 40 points
2/25/17 – Jahlil Okafor – 28 points
3/3/17 – Justin Anderson – 19 points

2nd highest scoring game of the season

11/1/16 – Tobias Harris – 25 points
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Episode 292: Lightning Round

We are joined by the great Robert Silverman @bobsaietta where we talk about fan appreciation night, Bargnani, temp jobs, free agency, the draft, Carmelo Anthony’s comments during a recent interview, Greg Monroe, clown school, and answer the most questions we’ve ever received on the show

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Written by Nicholas McGowan

The New York Knicks continue to explore their options when looking to upgrade the current roster. The laughable trade proposal for Kevin love had no shot of being accepted but it at least shows us that Phil Jackson is still looking to make improvements. There is certainly room for improvement as we inch closer to the start of the season. In particular there are two restricted free agents that would make a whole lot of sense on the Knicks roster. The first of these free agents is the disgruntled power forward/center Greg Monroe. Monroe averaged 15.2 points, 9.3 rebounds, shot 65% from the free throw line, shot just under 50%, and averaged around 1 steal and .6 blocks a game. Monroe has expressed his interest in leaving a crowed Detroit frontline that includes young and talented center Andre Drummond and the highly paid and overrated Josh Smith who apparently has the full support of Stan van Gundy. The other restricted free agent is point guard Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns. Bledsoe really came into his own last year as he made the jump from role player to starter. Despite only playing in 43 games due to an injury Bledsoe looked like a polished starter as he averaged 17.7 points, 5.5 assists, 4.7 rebounds, 1.6 steals, and shot a respectable 35.7% from three. Bledsoe is certainly a better option than any of our current point guards. He doesn’t have the three point shooting or knowledge that Jose Calderon possess but he has defense agility needed to stay with John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Rose, and the other point guards of the East. The Knicks will have to give up quite the package to acquire Bledsoe seeing that the Suns have said they will match any offer. Monroe on the other hand should be easier to obtain. Let’s take a look at what it cost the Knicks and how Monroe and Bledsoe would fit into New York’s system. Continue reading

Knicks vs Pistons – 1-17-13 – Game Thread

Shump is back and the Knicks are invading London!  Comment below as the game goes on.

Knicks vs Pistons – 11-25-12 – Game Thread

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