Knick Effect 2016/17

I’m bringing the Knick Effect back.  In 2010/11,  2011/12,  2013/14,  and 2014/15 I kept a Knick Effect list.  What this is is a list of every player that has had his highest or second highest scoring game of the season against the Knicks.  I started this because it seems like every game some random guy on the bench is going off against the Knicks.  In 2010/11 there were 37 instances of the #Knickeffect and in 2011/12 there was an astounding 44.  In 2013/14 oddly enough the number went down to 31.  In 2014/15 the Knicks were back to their usual ways with 41. Lets see how long the list gets this year in the return of the #Knickeffect

Highest scoring game of the season

10/25/16 – Richard Jefferson – 13 points
10/29/16 – James Ennis – 16 points
11/5/16 – Dwyane Wade – 35 points
11/9/16 – Justin Hamilton – 21 points
11/22/16 – Ed Davis – 14 points
11/30/16 – Karl Anthony Towns – 47 points
12/9/16 – Luol Deng – 22 points
12/15/16 – Javale Mcgee – 17 points
12/31/16 – James Harden – 53 points
1/2/17 – Jodie Meeks – 23 points
1/12/17 – Cristiano Felicio  – 13 points
1/15/17 – Norman Powell – 21 points
1/16/17 – Kris Humphries – 14 points
1/18/17 – Jae Crowder – 21 points
1/29/17 – Paul Millsap – 37 points
1/31/17 – Markieff Morris – 24 points
2/10/17 – Nikola Jokic – 40 points
2/25/17 – Jahlil Okafor – 28 points
3/3/17 – Justin Anderson – 19 points

2nd highest scoring game of the season

11/1/16 – Tobias Harris – 25 points
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Knicks @ Magic 11/12/2014 – Game Recap

Written by William Lee

Two 2-6 teams early in the season, played with urgency to start Wednesday night. Both teams played with great energy and it was a high paced game, going back and forth throughout the first half. The game was tied 25 times, and changed leads 11 times within the first half.

Orlando held a 56-50 lead at halftime, largely due to being able close out quarters strongly. The Magic went on a 7-0 run to end both the first and second quarter. Evan Fournier got it going early on, scoring 15 points in the first quarter. Fournier was able to get free in large part because Iman Shumpert was overzealous on defense, leaving his own man, gambling to get steals.

Tobias Harris went off at late in the second quarter, scoring ten straight points for the Magic. There was no defense in the first half, Orlando shot 57.1% while New York shot 47.5%.

Not even a minute into the second half, New York needed to take a quick time out because Orlando got themselves a double digit lead scoring on their first two possession. Derek Fisher did not want to let Orlando run away with the game. The Knicks responded in a big way, going on a 16-4 run, taking the lead 66-64. Carmelo Anthony was the catalyst for the run, responsible for 12 points, scoring ten and handing out an assist to J.R. Smith. But just as the Knicks were riding high, and held all the momentum in the game, taking the lead with 5:02 left in the third quarter, a minute later Anthony would foolishly pick up his fourth foul in the game, essentially taking himself out of the game.

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Knick Effect 2013/14

In 2010/11 and 2011/12 (I slacked last year) I kept a Knick Effect list.  What this is is a list of every player that has had his highest or second highest scoring game of the season.  I started this because it seems like every game some random guy on the bench is going off against the Knicks.  The two years I’ve done this the list has gotten very long.  Lets see how long the list gets this year in the return of the #Knickeffect

Highest scoring game of the season

11/5/13 – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 16 points
11/10/13 – Danny Green – 24 points
12/16/13 – Martell Webster – 30 points
12/21/13 – Tony Allen – 19 points
1/2/14 – Marco Belinelli – 32 points
1/13/14 – Leandro Barbosa – 21 points
1/16/14 – Lance Stephenson – 28 points
1/22/14 – Evan Turner – 34 points
1/26/14 – Manny Harris – 18 points
2/1/14 – Shane Battier – 16 points
2/12/14 – Jimmer Fredette – 24 points
2/18/14 – Mike Miller – 19 points
2/21/14 – Victor Oladipo – 30 points
2/22/14 – DeMarre Carroll – 24 points
2/22/14 – Mike Scott – 30 points
2/24/14 – Vince Carter – 23 points
3/23/14 – Jarrett Jack – 31 points

2nd highest scoring game of the season

11/3/13 – Kevin Martin – 30 points

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Episode 177: More Questions

Marc and Jay talk about the end of the Rasheed Wallace era, what the team would be like if they kept David Lee, why Shumperts minutes shouldn’t be cut, LeBron may quit his pre-game dunk routine, scenarios in which the Knicks would have the advantage, K-Mart and what to expect from him, Monte Ellis gets the ultimate #Knickeffect, and listener questions.  Download Episode 177

Episode 176: Making sense of the lineup

Jay and Marc try to figure out how the lineups being used make sense.  They also talk about the Indiana debacle and the loss in Toronto, the trade deadline moves, Jays trip to Barclays, facebook and twitter questions, around the league news and finish off with what we learned.  Download Episode 176

Knicks vs Wolves – 2-8-13 – Game Thread

The Knicks can’t possible lose 2 games in a row to bad teams right?  RIGHT?  Who’s your pick for #Knickeffect?  Comment below as the game goes on.

The Knicks Prove Their Lack of Desire for the #1 Seed

  • The lack of effort in this game by everyone not named Amare was disgusting.
  • JR Smith final line, 0-8, 0 points, 4 turnovers, +/- of minus 16.  Thanks for putting to rest the debate of whether you should have made the all-star team.
  • Ed Malloy was the ref tonight, but he had no effect on the Knicks, this was all on them.
  • Jrue Holiday had a career high.  Knickeffect.
  • Amare Stoudemire had 20 points on 8-13 shooting and some nice defensive plays.  Too bad it was wasted on this shit show of a game.
  • Philly starters outscored Knicks starters 89-40.
  • This had better be a continuity issue that will resolve itself soon or else the Knicks have big problems as this is the healthiest they have been all year.
  • What happened to the defense from the 1st month of the season?  Wasn’t Shumpert coming back supposed to make the Knicks even more potent on defense?
  • Ronnie Brewer looked great the 2.5 seconds he played tonight.

Knicks scare the crap out of Knick Nation before beating Magic

Well that was close.  After starting the game down 14-2 to the lowly Magic the Knicks come back to beat Orlando.

  • More Camby lobs please.
  • Melo was in video game mode.  Especially in the 4th where he had a stream of fire coming out the back of the ball during his shots.
  • I didn’t know Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny was on the Magic.
  • Amare needs to call Hakeen and ask how to finish these moves without getting his shot blocked.  It’s amazing how many of his shots get rejected.  His defense didn’t look great either (surprise surprise).  At least he hit all his free throws.
  • I’m still waiting to hear that Brewer has been playing injured.
  • Nelson got shut down in the 4th quarter, he was on pace for a Knick Effect tonight.  Nicholson was too before he faded.
  • Jason Kidd.  39 years old.  15-8-7.  Amazing.
  • It would be really nice if the Knicks could start games like they finish them.  It would make life a lot less stressful for everyone involved.
  • That’s about all I have to say about tonights game.  Bring on Boston.  Hopefully the Knicks can push them further below .500 on Monday.