Draft Preview # 4: Trades!

Written by Ian Ellis (iellis2018@yahoo.com)

In our last draft preview, we look at one of the most talked options with the pick, trading it. Whether it be trading the pick for a superstar or to trade down, a lot of talk has been about trading the pick. So, I decided to create 12 mock trades that the Knicks could do. Here are some notes before you read this:

1) Some of these trade include the Knicks acquiring players owed more money than them the cap allows, so some of them would have to be done once free agency starts, but they can be agreed on draft day.

2) WARNING: Some of these trades are really crazy…

3) …But no, you can’t do Lebron/KD/Anthony Davis for the pick, nice try. Trades have to make sense for all teams involved.

4) Teams trading for the pick are probably targeting Kristaps Porzingis, the big man from Latvia producing tons of draft buzz, or Emmanuel Mudiay, the athletically gifted PG that played in China last year.

5) Knicks have a ton of trade exceptions that expire on draft night. A trade exception is essentially a cap filler in a trade. To keep things simple, I won’t include them in these trades.
Alright, now that we’ve got that down, let’s look at the trades!

Trade #1: NY Deals with MJ

NYK Gets: CHA Gets:
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 4th Pick
9th Pick
39th Pick

Why this Trade goes down:

The Knicks are doing this because MKG is very very good. While people may say that he’s a bust for going 2nd overall, that’s because they are only looking at his two weaknesses: his jump shot (that’s actually improved) and his 1 on 1 game. If you look at any other aspect at the game, he’s very good at it. MKG is athletic, an amazing defender, passable ball handler and playmaker, is a good slasher and good rebounder. Him next to Melo at the 3 or 4 is a great combo. With the 9th pick the Knicks could possibly take Cameron Payne, Frank Kaminsky or Stanley Johnson, or they could trade down this pick again to get a pick more around 14 & 15 to get even another asset. The second round pick is also nice. The Hornets are doing this because their roster is a mess and they need a franchise player, which they could get in Mudiay or Porzingis at 4. Also while giving up MKG stings, he is a restricted free agent next summer and I’m not sure if Charlotte wants to give a ton of money for him as while he’s very good, he’s not a franchise player.


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Knick Effect 2013/14

In 2010/11 and 2011/12 (I slacked last year) I kept a Knick Effect list.  What this is is a list of every player that has had his highest or second highest scoring game of the season.  I started this because it seems like every game some random guy on the bench is going off against the Knicks.  The two years I’ve done this the list has gotten very long.  Lets see how long the list gets this year in the return of the #Knickeffect

Highest scoring game of the season

11/5/13 – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 16 points
11/10/13 – Danny Green – 24 points
12/16/13 – Martell Webster – 30 points
12/21/13 – Tony Allen – 19 points
1/2/14 – Marco Belinelli – 32 points
1/13/14 – Leandro Barbosa – 21 points
1/16/14 – Lance Stephenson – 28 points
1/22/14 – Evan Turner – 34 points
1/26/14 – Manny Harris – 18 points
2/1/14 – Shane Battier – 16 points
2/12/14 – Jimmer Fredette – 24 points
2/18/14 – Mike Miller – 19 points
2/21/14 – Victor Oladipo – 30 points
2/22/14 – DeMarre Carroll – 24 points
2/22/14 – Mike Scott – 30 points
2/24/14 – Vince Carter – 23 points
3/23/14 – Jarrett Jack – 31 points

2nd highest scoring game of the season

11/3/13 – Kevin Martin – 30 points

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