Episode 470: Free Agency Reaction

Marc and Jay react to not getting anyone they wanted but instead get Julius Randle and Taj Gibson. Surprisingly it’s not an entire hour of ranting.

Draft Preview # 2.4: Prospect Evaluation

Written by Ian Ellis (iellis2018@yahoo.com)

‘Sup folks, today we look at the most important part of the draft, the players (duh). Let’s see who the heck these people are, their strengths & weaknesses and how they would fit in with our Knicks. There are three tiers I will place all the players in: the hopefuls, the most likely and the buy-a-picks.


Alright, we’re finally at the end. The Knicks have been rumored to be active shoppers of a second round pick, so these are some players that could be avaliable to pick in the second round. What was my criteria for these players? Well, I just picked some players I liked and whom I think could fit with the Knicks.

Pat Connaughton

Pat Connaughton

NBA Player Comparison: Danny Green

Highlights: HERE


Pat Connaughton is probably the player on this list you should keep your eye on the most, as he is planned to workout with the Knicks. Conaughton, a senior wing (SG or maybe SF in small-ball lineups) out of Notre Dame, opened most eyes at the NBA combine where he posted a ridiculous 44” vertical. The reason I have Connaughton as one of my buy-a-picks is because I absolutely love his ‘3 & D’ role player potential. He has good size at 6’5”, has a good solid frame, and as already mentioned is a crazy good athlete. With his physical profile, he is a solid on ball defender (look at this block!), good help defender (averaged 0.9 blocks) and is also a good rebounder at his position as he averaged 7.4 rebounds. In addition, he is a 3 point marksman as he shot the 3 at a 42% clip. Also, while he only averaged 1.5 assists his senior year, his junior year he averaged 3 (probably due to his decline in minutes and the offense being more oriented toward Jerian Grant handling the ball), so I don’t worry about his passing skills. All these good attributes together make me love him because he seems like an ideal role player, someone who can shoot 3’s, rebound, pass and defend.  In terms of weaknesses, he’s already 22 so he’s not gonna get a lot better overall and he is not a particularly good driver, but remember, a team who is drafting  him is drafting him to get a role solid player, not a star, therefore these weaknesses are not that impacting. In terms of player comparison, Danny Green is perfect. Danny Green was a second round pick (Connaughton is projected to be one), both players are 3 point marksmen, good rebounders for their position and good defenders. His Knick fit is perfect because he’s not going to command the ball, he can come off the bench (most likely) or start (if the odds fall that way) and just do anything to impact the game.

Robert Upshaw

Robert Upshaw

NBA Player Comparison: Festus Ezeli

Highlights: HERE


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Bulls @ Knicks 10/29/14 – Game Recap

Written by William Lee

Bulls @ Knicks 10/29/14 – Game Recap

The Knicks have a rough start to the season, beginning with the team that tried to steal Carmelo Anthony from the Knicks.

Knicks started off the game well enough, opening up with an 8-2 run, causing four turnovers in first six possessions. It was capped off by an Anthony steal leading to an Amare Stoudemire slam dunk. Bulls finished the first quarter strong though, going on an 8-0, taking a 24-20 lead. The Knick’s bench could not keep up with the Bulls’ bench, Taj Gibson and Aaron Brooks had their way. All the Knicks’ starters had positive +/- in the first quarter, unfortunately every bench player was negative…

The dominance of the Bull’s bench continued into the second quarter, scoring 22 of the 29 points in the quarter. Gibson in particular dominated, scoring ten points in the period, completely dominating Quincy Acy. Gibson finished the game with 22 points and 8 rebounds. The Bulls held a ten point led at halftime 53-43, with Pau Gasol grabbing an offensive rebound, and sinking an 11 foot jump shot to beat the buzzer.

The third quarter was a laugher, with the Bulls extending their lead to as much as 24 in the period. The Bulls just had their way offensively, shooting 68.8% from the field, and suffocated defensively, holding New York to 27.3% shooting.

Of course the Knicks played no defense, which everyone knew would be a sore spot for New York this season. This could not have been more evident than when the Bull’s gained a 20 point lead with 4:07 remaining in the third with back to back wide open dunks under the rim by Gasol, and Gibson. Gasol finished his first game with the Bulls with a double double, 21 points and 11 rebounds.

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Episode 101: Who We’re NOT Getting

We talk about the Houston, Detroit and Chicago games.  Listener emails.  Our new contest.  We go over the free agents we are rumored to be trying to get and explain why it isn’t happening.  We also talk about the rumor that D’Antoni might be fired before the Super Bowl.  Download Episode 101