Episode 127: Interview with Tommy Dee

We interview Tommy Dee (@TommyDeeTKB) from The Knicks Blog.  We talk about game 4 in detail, Amar’e stepping up, Just Ridiculous Smith, Baron Davis’ injury, Lin vs Nash, rooting against the Heat, the suspicious calls during the series, all time favorite Knicks, and some playoff predictions.  Download Episode 127


Episode 126: Game 2 recap with Justin Baez

Justin Baez from theknicksblog.com and iamagm.com joins us.  We talk about game 2, Amar’e injuring his hand, what went wrong and what to expect for game 3.  Marc does a top 5 things that can go wrong in game 3.  We also talk about what lineups and strategies to expect for the rest of the series.  Download Episode 126