The Knick Effect 2011/12

So last year we noticed that it seems like every game someone is getting a season high against the Knicks.  I decided to see if this is true and kept a running list I called the Knick Effect.  It turns out 37 players had their best or second best game against the Knicks last season.  This season we got the 2nd best defensive center in the league.  It doesn’t seem like it’s made that much of a difference, 44 entries this time.  So without further ado here is the 2011/12 Knick Effect:

12/25 – Rajon Rondo – 31 points
12/25 – Brandon Bass – 20 points
12/28 – Brandon Rush – 19 points
12/29 – Jason Kapono – 9 points
12/31 – Jason Thompson – 13 points
1/4 – Boris Diaw – 27 points
1/12 – Rudy Gay – 26 points
1/14 – James Harden – 24 points
1/16 – J.J. Redick – 21 points
1/16 – Ryan Anderson – 30 points
1/18 – Steve Nash – 26 points
1/18 – Shannon Brown – 14 points (tied for best)
1/20 – Brandon Jennings – 36 points
1/20 – Shaun Livingston – 18 points
1/21 – Danilo Gallinari – 37 points Continue reading

Mozgov Reacts to the Trade

Does this depress anyone else?

Made me a little sad to see this.  Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari and Timofey Mozgov during the Denver game on Tuesday.

Part 1 of a farewell article on Knickerblogger


Mozgov had a huge game.  Will he be in the rotation going forward?  Lithuania’s record breaking 3 point night.  2 heated minutes.  KG insults a little kid.  Artest wants a trade, should the Knicks get him? Download Episode 33

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Episode 32: It was the Glasses

Jay and Marc recap the last two games vs. the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat and talk about what to expect in the Detroit Pistons game.  We try to figure out who is going to play if Chandler, Stoudemire and Williams are all out, what happens in practice, if Mozgov is ready to get some minutes again, and if Roger Mason is going to hit a shot to double his shooting percentage.  We go over some ridiculous Miami Heat articles and top it all off with an interview with Stan from  Download Episode 32

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Knicks Roster Mid-Season Grades

Jay’s Grades

Kelenna Azubuike – Inc
Wilson Chandler   – A-
Eddy Curry    – F
Toney Douglas – C+
Raymond Felton   – A+
Landry Fields – A+
Danilo Gallinari – B-
Roger Mason – F
Timofey Mozgov   – D+
Anthony Randolph – D-   
Andy Rautins – Inc
Amare Stoudemire – A
Ronny Turiaf – B-
Bill Walker   – C+
Shawne Williams – B

Marc’s Grades

Kelenna Azubuike – Inc
Wilson Chandler   – B+
Eddy Curry    – F
Toney Douglas – B-
Raymond Felton   – A
Landry Fields – A
Danilo Gallinari – B
Roger Mason – F
Timofey Mozgov   – D
Anthony Randolph – D+   
Andy Rautins – Inc
Amare Stoudemire – A
Ronny Turiaf – B
Bill Walker   – C+
Shawne Williams – B

Episode 29: Knicks Roster Mid-Season Ratings

Knicks lost the last two games in unimpressive fashion.  2 heated minutes turns into about 7 with scheduling losses and roster grades.  Mozgov is scared to play.  We grade all the players on the Knicks roster.  Check out our forums at for a list of our grades.  Download Episode 29

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