Episode 558: Thumbs, Dunks, and Wins

Marc and Jay talk about the last 4 games, Randle’s thumbs down, Obi’s dunk, the point guard debate, offensive strategy, and more

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Episode 557: Randle Out, Young Guys Back

Marc and Jay talk about the state of the team, the Knicks without Randle and Robinson, Obi Toppin first start, past weeks game and upcoming schedule

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Episode 520: Updated Roster Power Rankings

Marc and Jay talk about the past weeks games, listener questions, trade rumors, and update their roster power rankings

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Episode 519: Thoughts on Quickley and Toppin

Marc and Jay talk about the last few games, their thoughts on Quickely and Toppin, go over some team stats, discuss some trade rumors, and more

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Episode 518: Marc Joins Long Suffering

Marc joins the Long Suffering Knicks podcast, it’s a fun episode. Spoiler alert, they talk about the Knicks.

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Episode 514: Fantasy Draft

Jay and Martin give live commentary during the fantasy league draft , we cover pretty much every team and most players in this supersized episode

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Episode 513: Preseason Preview

Marc and Dustin talk about the latest roster moves, lineups, the long and short term plans for the Knicks, and more

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