Episode 562: State of the Knicks

Marc and Jay talk about the last few games, trade rumors, rising stars game, some stats, and more

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Episode 561 – Boiling Point

We talk about some positives from the team then talk about how the fans are turning on the Knicks, Randle is dodging the media, and trade rumors are flying

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Episode 560 – Jekyll and Hyde

Marc and Jay talk about the Hawks and Hornets games, Obi, trade rumors, and listener questions

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Episode 520: Updated Roster Power Rankings

Marc and Jay talk about the past weeks games, listener questions, trade rumors, and update their roster power rankings

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Episode 371: All Star Weekend

Jay and James from the Flagrant Take Podcast talk about all star weekend, trade deadline moves, trade rumors, player legacies, the Knicks future, and much more

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Episode 99: Reviews, Rumors and Remedies

We talk about the Denver game, Dwight Howard trade rumors, top 5 things to be hopeful about, more trade rumors, our contest and the 100 episode which will be a live broadcast.  Download Episode 99

Episode 35: Trade Rumors

We talk about the trade rumors going on with the Knicks and Nuggets, Lakers and Nuggets, and Rockets and Nuggets.  Key word Nuggets.  We talk about the Knicks last game vs the 76ers.  We also talk about Cleveland breaking records in back to back games and their big game against the Wizards on Friday.  Download Episode 35

Episode 24: Tyreke, The Hornets, Spurs and Yao Bynum

Marc finally admits that New Orleans isn’t that good.  Tyreke Evans gets motivated by our rant about him last episode.  Not really, but nice game.  Another Center destroys the Knicks.  Trade rumors.  The Knicks defensive problems.  San Antonio is still on fire even though Tim Duncan is not.  Yao Bynum.   Download Episode 24

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