Episode 70: Finals Preview

We preview the finals matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, give our picks for who’s going to win the series, and compare rosters for the current teams as well as the ’06 rosters.  Download Episode 70

Top 10 ways Cleveland fans are dealing with the success of Lebron James and the Miami Heat in the playoffs

Download Episode 69

  1. Making a drunken pact at 3am to drive all the way to Miami and egg Lebron’s house.
  2. Pretending to have NO IDEA that the Heat are up 3-1 or that Lebron had 35 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists while playing 49:23 the other night.
  3. Prank calling Lebron’s mother’s house and asking if Delonte is there. Continue reading

Episode 69: Point Guards

We talk about the Knicks point guard rumors, Donnie Walsh’s status, the Lakers signing Mike Brown as their coach, steroids in the NBA, the Dallas/OKC series and the Chicago/Miami series.  Download Episode 69

Episode 67: The Happy Episode

Why are we so happy?  Well the Heat lost.  That’s it really, the Heat lost and we’re happy.  We recap the Heat/Bulls game, the Grizzlies/Thunder game and we talk about some Knicks stories.  Download Episode 67

Is Donnie Walsh really a genius? Has he really done a better job than Isiah?

It looks like Donnie Walsh will be coming back, though no contract is signed, but Walsh is proceeding like he is coming back. It is amazing that Dolan hasn’t finalized that contract but Dolan is a disaster and has the opposite of the midas touch so why should this be any different. The question I have is whether Donnie Walsh deserves to come back. I get that he is a great basketball mind but no one seems to question the job he has done here. Every commentator seems to have drawn the same conclusion that Walsh has done an amazing job in clearing the Knicks of all their bad contracts and in getting Carmelo and Amare here, and he deserves another season. To question the idea that the Knicks were a complete disaster when he came over is like questioning the gospel. Continue reading

Episode 63: And Then There Were Eight

We recap all of the elimination games from the 1st round of the playoffs, make our predictions for the 2nd round and talk about the resigning of Billups and Walsh not being resigned so far.  Download Episode 63