Top 10 ways Cleveland fans are dealing with the success of Lebron James and the Miami Heat in the playoffs

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  1. Making a drunken pact at 3am to drive all the way to Miami and egg Lebron’s house.
  2. Pretending to have NO IDEA that the Heat are up 3-1 or that Lebron had 35 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists while playing 49:23 the other night.
  3. Prank calling Lebron’s mother’s house and asking if Delonte is there.
  4. Telling anyone who will listen that the Mark Price/Brad Daugherty Cavaliers team would crush this Miami team.
  5. Living in their Mom’s basement and selling weed to high school kids in order to get by or, in other words, acting like nothing has changed.
  6. Pretending that this was all part of the grand 4 step plan to win a title. Step 1, we draft Lebron. Step 2, Lebron plays for us for seven years before breaking our hearts and  leaving. Step 3, we get two of the top four draft picks in a mediocre draft class. Step 4, we win a title.
  7. Telling everyone that you actually feel bad for Lebron because not only does he have to play for Miami, but he also HAS TO LIVE in Miami.
  8. Taking their talents to the unemployment line because Lebron took all the remaining jobs with him.
  9. Replacing the powder Lebron likes to toss in the air before games with anthrax.
  10. Swearing that you were not serious about that $50 bet that the Cavs would actually win a title before this Heat team.

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